Chelsea Green Filmed WWE Raw Angles With Mickie James As Her "Stalker"

To say that Chelsea Green has had a stop and start WWE career would be an understatement.

Green made her WWE main roster debut -- again -- last month, only to sustain a broken wrist on Smackdown. After reports of a call-up from NXT as far back as May, Fightful learned that there were big plans for her with a former WWE Women's Champion, Mickie James.

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Fightful Select recently reported the following:

We've been digging even more about Chelsea Green and her not being used prior to her ill-fated Smackdown debut, and a pitch that was going around about her. Originally, a big push was made and plans were put in order for Chelsea Green to almost emulate Mickie James' 2005-2006 "obsessed fan" storyline with Trish Stratus. The story had a pretty solid plan and we're told that several in creative were very excited about it, but it inexplicably got scrapped. The story that we've heard would have had Mickie James put in Trish Stratus' shoes from 15 years ago.

It went a lot further than a pitch. We're told that Mickie James and Chelsea Green had actually filmed content to start the angle. Everything was a go, and plans were abruptly changed only hours before it was set to air. Green didn't appear on TV for months after.

In addition, Fightful learned of several other tentative plans for Green over the course of the last six months that didn't come to fruition.

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