Chris Jericho And Lance Storm Have Unofficial Pact To Have Last Match Against Each Other

Retired? Not so fast.

Lance Storm isn't very active in the ring these days, as mirrored by his role in CTV Comedy's Corner Gas Animated where he plays a wrestler-turned-gardener. Still, he's stayed busy as a producer and trainer. He's not wrestled in over four years, but still has the door open for one more match based on what he told Fightful in an exclusive interview.

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"Yeah, it’s about that. It was either ’16 or ’15. Wherever Mania in Dallas was the last time. It was a WrestleCon match against Matt Hardy, was technically my last match as of now. We still, Chris Jericho and I sort of have an unofficial pact that we will have our last match ever together. Because we had our first match ever together and we’re still really good friends, so provided he doesn’t keep wrestling for another twenty-five years, there is the probability, or at least possibility, that he and I will have our last one and we will do our debut and our joint retirement match together. So, there’s still the possibility of that one some day."

Jericho recently celebrated his 30th anniversary of said debut match with Storm. He noted earlier this year he finally felt the best in the world, so that would indicate he's not slowing down any time soon. Storm says that's okay.

"I still feel good and physically fit," Storm told us. "So, you never know. Again, maybe we’ll be that match no one wants to see. We’ll both be 75 out there, and they’ll be like, ‘Oh my, God. Why are these guys doing this?’ But, at least that’s one nice thing. ‘Cause you’ll see on Corner Gas Animated that I still have my old hair. It’s much easier to have abs in an animated series than it is in a real life series."

In the Corner Gas Animated program, Storm portrays a former wrestler who has left the world behind. He says often the show mirrors life, as on the series, he's goaded into coming back to fight a character voiced by Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

"I still get the, ‘Please come back, one more match.’ So, it’s very based in reality. ‘Cause again, Brent Leroy, the son of Emma, the woman I’m doing the gardening piece with, he and his best friend Hank are avid wrestling fans. I believe both are to an extent anyway. Brent grew up in Saskatchewan as a Stampede Wrestling fan. Probably why the episode reads so true as watching it, I’m like, ‘I can totally see this.’ It’s when you’re a wrestling fan and you’re a favorite wrestler—it’s like, again, how much is CM Punk still, people are like they want him to come back, it’s like, ‘No, you owe us. You’re supposed to do this. This is your job.’ That’s sort of what they were like trying to convince me to come back and do it. Again, I probably still have more in the tank now, but that doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do for the rest of your life," Storm said.

These days, Lance Storm is behind the microphone for Wrestling Observer, and on the screen -- sort of. You can see him on CTV Comedy's Corner Gas Animated on Monday, October 26 when he portrays former wrestler-turned gardening enthusiast Lance Fury. The first two seasons of Corner Gas Animated are available on IMDBtv in the United States.

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