Chuck Palumbo Reflects On Working With Lex Luger In The Latter Days Of WCW

Chuck Palumbo reflects on working with Lex Luger in the twilight of The Total Package's career.

Lex Luger is one of the names fans find synonymous with World Championship Wrestling.

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Now, Chuck Palumbo is reflecting on working with Lex Luger and what wound up being not only the tail end of WCW but the tail end of Luger’s career.

In a new interview with Sean Ross Sapp, Palumbo reflects on Lex Luger being an arrogant man at that time in his life, something that Chuck Palumbo says he understands because of the nature of the wrestling business at the time.

"In the beginning, he was a little stand-offish. You gotta remember—I’m sure you’ve heard it from other people—at that time in the business, he was a very arrogant person. Very arrogant. When I thought of Lex Luger back then, that’s the first thing that came to my mind. ‘This guy’s pretty arrogant.’ But, over time, I felt that he was okay with it. Him and Bagwell started to work with us a little bit. I got to work with Lex a little bit. Personally, how’d he feel about it? I’m not sure. But, I felt like he started to come around a little bit. If that makes any sense."

Later in life, Lex Luger would have health issues and is currently confined to a wheelchair. Despite this, Lex Luger has never been more at peace in his personal life and in recent years has shed his former arrogant mindset and is much more personable.

Palumbo would say that he feels bad that Lex fell on hard times, once again reiterating that he understood his mindset during their brief time working together in WCW.

"At the same time, he was a businessman, right? He’s got to think about himself. So, I understand that. It’s very unfortunate. I’ve seen little clips of him and where he’s at today. To me, it’s just unfortunate to see a guy of that stature. Everybody ages, I get that. But, unfortunately, he’s had some health issues."

Today, Lex Luger has worked sporadically with WWE including filming a new documentary about his career as part of the WWE Network “Icons” series. Luger's documentary has yet to be shown and there is no air date in place at the time of this writing.

For more Chuck Palumbo you can check out his YouTube channel, Chuck of All Trades.

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