Conflicting Information On Young Bucks Reaching Out To WWE

Ryan Frederick on the Wrestling Observer message board that current AEW EVPs Young Bucks sent out feelers within the company to gauge possible interest whenever their contracts are up. This has been an ongoing rumor among sources Fightful has spoken to dating back to August. One source indicated that they've been sworn that the Bucks asked to speak to someone in management, which we've been unable to confirm, but the rumor has persisted within WWE for several weeks.

Sources close to the Young Bucks say that they haven't been given that indication whatsoever. That person would likely be in a good position to relay that information, but says they aren't sure who the Young Bucks would even reach out to in that regard. Others close to the Young Bucks denied the rumor.

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It's worth noting that we'd heard people who worked in talent relations had outright reached out to AEW talent last month.

Another source that has long worked with higher ups confirmed they'd heard the rumor, but hadn't asked people of influence within WWE, because they weren't sure how that would be received. However, they were there in 2018, and were quick to remind us that the Young Bucks nearly signed with WWE then before helping start All Elite Wrestling. That person believes that they wouldn't even need to gauge interest about coming into the company, and would likely be taking the temperature on other situations related to possible free agency.

We were given no indication prior to AEW All Out that the Young Bucks wanted out of AEW. Since then, talk of that has remained quiet for obvious reasons regardless. We'll be asking more about this among people backstage in the company.

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