Danny Limelight On How He Got To Wrestle In AEW, Says He's Spoken With The Young Bucks And Cody

Few wrestlers have taken advantage of the pandemic better than Danny Limelight.

Since this summer, Limelight has been able to secure a regular spot on NJPW Strong for months, wrestled on UWN Primetime Live and more recently, competed various times on AEW. In recent weeks, Limelight wrestled on AEW Dark, going up against the likes of Jurassic Express, Brian Cage, Matt Sydal and more. 

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Speaking to Fightful, Limelight revealed how the process of him wrestling in AEW began. Limelight said he contacted Christopher Daniels and it led to him eventually getting a call from QT Marshall.

"I had contacted Christopher Daniels when the pandemic had started. I think my first match with New Japan had aired, me and TJ Perkins. I sent him the link to the match and introduced myself, let him know who I was. He was like, ‘We’ll let you know when we have something going for you.’ This was back, I think in like, August or July. I’m not sure. Then, somebody that I know very well, I’ve known from the So-Cal wrestling scene for a long time, talked to them and was like, ‘We need to look at this guy, I think’ I got the message from QT and he told me, ‘Hey, this is the date. Yada-yada. Can you make it?’ I was like, ‘I’ll be there,’" Limelight said. 

Limelight's first match on AEW was in a six-man tag team match against Jurassic Express and Limelight gave the stable plenty of credit for letting him have the opportunity to showcase his talents. Limelight also extended his show of respect to all the wrestlers he's faced on AEW.

"I was there and I got to wrestle Jurassic Express. I want to thank Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy ‘cause they really gave me that chance to really show who I was in that first six man that I had with the Jersey Muscle boys. They didn’t have to do that. They could have been selfish, I think. They allowed me to show everybody who had never seen me before that weren’t watching New Japan or United Wrestling who I am. I got to do my stuff. I had fun. Then the next time I wrestled them again with KC Navarro, again, it was another chance for me to showcase my things. Then, I finally have my first singles match with Brandon Cutler, then my match with Brian Cage, then now I got Matt Sydal. It’s just been rockin’ and rollin,’" Limelight said.

Speaking on the feedback he's gotten from his matches, Limelight said he's gotten a chance to talk with The Young Bucks, with Cody and is happy with the feedback. Limelight believes that he is primed for a big 2021.

"The feedback has been amazing. I definitely talked to the Bucks after all my matches, I wanna know what they see. I talk to Cody. Nothing but positive feedback and I’m excited because I feel in my gut that’s something’s gonna happen for me really soon and it’s only a matter of time. After the year that I’ve had, for me, it just adds more pressure to the next year. I’m probably gonna be the So-Cal wrestler of the year. How do I follow that up the next year? It’s all about consistency and for me in order for me to top the year I had, I need to sign with a major company and I need to continue the work and I need to continue to grind it out this next year. Because if I don’t then they’re gonna say it was a fluke. It was a lucky year, ‘Oh, he only did it because of the pandemic.’ I can’t have that. I’m too prideful and I know that I know what I want. I know that I have that genuine and that authenticity of what I want to do and where I want to be. For me to get there I have to keep grinding. It’s only a matter of time. I’m only getting better. I think that more people are starting to see that now and it feels great. Because from going to just having my dad and my daughter as my fans to now all these people are really cheering me on and I don’t want to let nobody down, including myself," Limelight said

The full interview between Limelight and Fightful can be seen in the video at the top of the page.

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