Darby Allin Discusses The Mental Toll That Being Sidelined From His Broken Foot Has Taken On Him

Darby Allin explains why breaking his foot has been his worst injury thus far in AEW and the mental toll it has taken on him.

Darby Allin has no fear. This lack of fear has resulted in him continuing to push the boundaries of the high-risk, high-reward nature of professional wrestling with some of the most unbelievable spots in the history of the industry.

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However, even someone who can jump off a ladder through a pane of glass or get hit by a bus and survive to wrestle a month later will feel the wear and tear on his body and some injuries are just freak accidents that can take unexpected tolls on one's career.

Speaking with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp during a recent interview, Darby was asked what the worst spot he's been a part of so far was. Darby reveals that it's actually when he broke his foot on March 13, 2024 at AEW Dynamite: Big Business. Darby further explained the toll that having to sit on the sidelines and forgo his plan to climb Mount Everest has taken on him mentally.

"In the ring, it’s weird because I feel like I’ve dodged so many bullets and it sucks, it wasn’t even a big stunt, but breaking my foot," he explained. "It was just a front flip off the top rope. Jay White is on the floor outside, I do a front flip to the outside, and I landed on top of it. It’s been the first actual injury in the five years of AEW that couldn’t walk away from. That I needed to go to the hospital and I couldn’t come back next week. It’s crazy because I’ve done so many gnarly things, and that of all things puts me out. It is what it is. Everybody said, ‘Maybe that’s a sign you shouldn’t climb Mount Everest.’ No, absolutely not. I’m climbing Mount Everest next year. It just sucked. I was supposed to go to Everest two weeks from that match. I was so ready for Everest. The timing of it all. It’s another reason I feel I need to get back in there. The mental pain of just sitting at home and not being able to do shit, it sucked."

Aside from climbing Mount Everest, Darby's wrestling goals include making sure he gets a match with Brian Danielson before Danielson retires and eventually becoming AEW World Champion.

For a more typical dose of Darby's fearlessness, read his comments about jumping through a glass pane at AEW Revolution.

Check out the full interview with Darby in the video embedded above.

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