Deonna Purrazzo Is Very Proud Of Steve Maclin, Jokes That He Watches Too Much Wrestling

Deonna Purrazzo talks about the success of her fiance, Steve Maclin, and his love for professional wrestling.

Steve Maclin, in 2021, was released by WWE. One year earlier, his fiance, Deonna Purrazzo, found herself in a similar position. Now, both are thriving in IMPACT Wrestling and beyond.

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Now, Deonna Purrazzo is telling Sean Ross Sapp all about how proud she is to see Steve Maclin taking a chance on himself despite how scary it can be when you are without the security of WWE and you need to bet on yourself to move forward. Deonna says that whenever she does get to sit by the monitor and watch him, she always has a big smile on her face.

“I think I’m probably the proudest person of him,” she said. “I try to sit at the monitor and watch. I’ve been asked a couple of times and I always get the big smile on my face. Because I watch him put his heart and soul out there and he’s reaping the benefits of it. It’s scary. I went through it too, of, ‘How will people perceive me? Will they like me? Do my ideas work? Will I be proving people wrong?’ He’s really been able to do that. I feel like every match he goes out there and tries to have that breakout performance. We thought it was at Bound for Glory. It wasn’t. We thought it was at Hard to Kill. It wasn’t. It was Rebellion. It probably still isn’t. He just continues to evolve and want to go out there and try to kill himself. I think that’s what makes him unique. He’s this bigger guy, but he’s also willing to do the crazy stuff and kill himself, but in a cool way.”

As proud as she is to see his ideas paying off and to see Steve Maclin living his dream, Deonna Purrazzo also says that her fiance watches so much wrestling that sometimes she has to ask him to turn it off because she doesn't want to come home from the road and “watch WrestleMania 3.”

“He watches so much wrestling. I’m like, ‘Turn it off. I don’t want to come home and watch WrestleMania 3.’ For me it’s more like, I’m busy and doing a lot of indie stuff and media tours, but at home, I want my solitude. But he just can’t ever turn it off. His brain goes and he talks a million things a minute. He can’t gather it all because he’s so excited about all of the possibilities. He’s like, ‘What can we do with my jacket? Maybe we can do this or that. I got this drawn up.’ I’m like, ‘Breathe. Because you don’t need another jacket,’” she said.

Another person who sees great value in Steve Maclin and his work ethic is Josh Alexander. Josh believes that he will one day soon have Steve Maclin staring across him in the squared circle. Learn more here.

You can see Deonna Purrazzo in action at IMPACT Under Siege on May 7 in Newport, Kentucky.

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