Details Behind Randy Orton Appearing At The WWE Performance Center

Randy Orton is at the WWE Performance Center.

WWE sources confirmed that Orton had been at the Performance Center this week, and it hasn't been much of a secret. Yesterday, Cassidy of Bodyslam had informed Sean Ross Sapp that Randy Orton's bus was already at the WWE PC. We're told he's been around for quite some time lately.

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Orton has been working out in the gym, and we're told he got "huge" in a good way at one point, but as of early August he had not resumed in-ring training. Despite several incorrect rumors at the time that Orton was nearing a return, WWE sources and even an official capacity repeatedly reiterated that Orton was not cleared for a return at that point.

Orton had been adamant to those close to him that he would be returning to the ring following back fusion surgery. There were many within WWE were not optimistic he'd return. His contract was originally scheduled to be one set to expire next year, but it's quite likely WWE could extend his deal.

When a talent shows up or is returning, WWE has had a very strict rule that they have to work out in some capacity. During a recent interview with Cody Rhodes, he'd noted to Fightful that the rule is very real, and even The Undertaker couldn't avoid doing it when slated for it.

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