Details, Contract Status' On Several Wrestlers

Fightful Select has learned details behind several names and their contract status'

Chelsea Green

Stephanie Vaquer Makes In-Ring Debut At 7/13 WWE Live Event In Mexico City

Although she hasn't popped back up in WWE as of yet, Fightful is told that not only is Chelsea Green signed to WWE, she has been for quite some time and is still awaiting creative. We've asked her to confirm personally a number of times, but that won't happen for obvious reasons. Green shut down her Onlyfans page recently, and Major Pod had to limit the production of new Chelsea Green merchandise as a result of her signing.

Matt Cardona

There has been a lot of speculation about Matt Cardona and what he could possibly do, with his wife Chelsea Green heading back to WWE. WWE sources have indicated to us that Cardona is not signed, but that we shouldn't rule anything out for the future.

Kylie Rae

Kylie Rae had a WWE tryout, that also led to her appearing on WWE Main Event, which led to speculation that she'd been signed. We can confirm as of now that Kylie Rae is still a free agent.

KC Navarro

For those asking about the contract status of KC Navarro, we've confirmed that he is still a free agent. Navarro had a WWE tryout in December with veterans such as Kylie Rae, Vincent and Dutch.


Cheeseburger has appeared on both All Elite Wrestling and Ring of Honor of late. As of this fall, we were told that Cheeseburger, who also goes by the name CB, is still a free agent. He's gained a ton of acclaim for his training and in-ring ability over the last couple of years.

Rhett Titus

ROH is set to return to television tapings soon, and AEW has plenty of people under contract. We'll be asking about the status of several talent in the coming weeks that have appeared on AEW/ROH to find out what their current deals are. Among those we've heard of is Rhett Titus, who confirmed he's actively a free agent.

Colby Corino

In an update on Colby Corino, he is headed to WWE. We noted that WWE couldn't legally reach out to him until his deal with NWA was up.

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