Details On Forgotten Sons Being Removed From WWE TV, Backstage Reaction | Exclusive

You may have noticed the Forgotten Sons missing in action for the last two weeks. As of Monday morning, they weren't expected to be on the next two episodes of Smackdown either.

The team of Jaxson Ryker, Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake were primed for a push within the WWE Tag Team division, before a pro-Donald Trump tweet landed him in hot water with the locker room. Most of the WWE wrestlers that we've spoken to say that he was well liked ahead of that and very respectful. They also note that Blake and Cutler distanced their stances from his following the tweet, and even came in for a meeting with Mark Carrano, as well as other wrestlers.

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However, the vignettes have stopped for the trio. They weren't on the last couple of episodes of Smackdown, and were not figured into plans for the tapings on Monday and Tuesday. The team was originally set to enter a program with New Day, which seems off the table considering Big E and Kofi lost to Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. They could always be called in to film vignettes after the fact, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Based on what we've heard, there's no heat on Wesley Blake or Steve Cutler, but they are catching the backlash from Ryker's tweet. It's worth noting that Ryker hasn't wrestled since the call-up.

Most we've talked to on the roster feel bad that Blake and Cutler are being lumped in with Ryker after the time they put in NXT to get called up.

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