Details On Thunder Rosa vs. Ivelisse Match Breaking Down On AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite saw an unpredictable situation unfold last week.

Ivelisse vs. Thunder Rosa may have looked a little uncooperative, and it's for good reason, as we reported on Fightful Select. The two will go back at it this week in a tag team match that also includes Hikaru Shida and Diamante.

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Here's what Fightful learned.

If you watched the most recent AEW Dynamite, you might have realized that Thunder Rosa and Ivelisse were working kind of snug. That's because they were.

During the match between the two unsigned wrestlers, things broke down a bit and the two started to go at each other physically with stiff strikes being thrown.

Word spread among the locker room after the match, with wrestlers in AEW saying they didn't seem to be getting along prior. Thunder Rosa has also been working with some of the female wrestlers training with Dustin Rhodes, and according to many has attempted to take a leadership role in that regard. She's known as a stiff worker in the ring, which depending on who you ask or work with, can be seen either way.

During the match, Ivelisse was seen no-selling some of the spots, and Rosa took exception to this. Those in attendance thought that the match was going to have to be edited, but we weren't told whether or not it actually was. Rosa is said to take the perception of NWA seriously, and didn't want them looking bad in the situation. Ivelisse noted that she felt like she should be taking the lead in that match, as the veteran.

Since the publication of this article, we've heard some support for Rosa from the AEW locker room, though many were uncomfortable as the match progressed. One person told us that they were surprised that by the time the show aired, that next week's booked match featuring them both wasn't completely edited of the broadcast and changed.

As noted on this weeks' Monday Night Live, there wasn't anything told to us that would indicate the two sides couldn't work together without incident this week.

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