Details On WWE Raw January 11 Fireball Finish

The fireball finish we saw on WWE Raw January 11 was planned all along.

Fightful Select reported some additional information on the show-closer, which could have seen changes after Drew McIntyre was sidelined, but didn't. Alexa Bliss threw a fireball in the eyes of Randy Orton, who has been feuding with "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt.

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WWE's finish for Monday Night Raw for January 11 was planned whether or not Triple H was involved, according to sources. Drew McIntyre was planned for the episode of Raw before contracting Coronavirus and was set to face Randy Orton. However, we've been told that the Alexa Bliss fireball finish was the plan all along, regardless of if it was Triple H or Drew McIntyre. WWE had planned for McIntyre to be there through last weekend, when he tested positive. Also, for those wondering, the fire was not computer generated, just heavily edited.

The clip garnered four million views on Youtube in just a week.

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