Diamond Dallas Page Reflects On Being Involved In The Virtual Basement ‘The Wrestling Code’ Video Game Project

Diamond Dallas Page talks about being included in the Virtual Basement video game, The Wrestling Code.

The Wrestling Code is an upcoming wrestling video game being produced in Unreal Engine by Virtual Basement. So far, names like Scott Steiner, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, and more have all signed on for the upcoming game and updates continue to pour in every passing month.

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Another legend signed on for the game is Diamond Dallas Page. Diamond Dallas Page has also been involved in taking part in some motion capture for the game.

Speaking with Sean Ross Sapp, Diamond Dallas Page spoke about his experience so far with the team behind the game and why he is so excited for the upcoming project.

"Man, it's got your hands, it's got the gloves, it's got all the pads all over you," said Page. "It knows that you’re moving and walking and circling and locking up. So it’s literally you doing it, you know? The Wrestling Code is one of the hottest anticipated games to come out and this is just a dude who’s been in the gaming industry for fifteen years and loves wrestling. It’s not some big company. It’s a guy named Ashton and he is so talented that he’s putting out one guy at a time. He did Crowbar and Crowbar’s a really good friend of mine. I’m the one who helped get him his first break in WCW and we talk all the time."

"He’s a great therapist. He has his own company, his own business," DDP said of Crowbar. "He has two brand new knees and he got them three or four years ago at thirty-nine years old he used DDP Yoga and he used some of the things he does in PT. He gets his ass all the way to the ground. I’ve never seen anyone do that who had their knees redone and he’s wrestling all the time. Now he’s got the gimmick with the wine glass and his promos that he cuts. The Wrestling Code did the video of him drinking the wine and he’s in this suit and everything. Then they skinned him—it looks just like him. If put him right next to it, it’s really hard to see the difference that you can really tell. But he’s virtual and he cut this promo and it was really good."

Furthermore, DDP says RVD, Rob Van Dam, turned him on to this project, which is also going to be a family affair as his wife, Payge, will also be involved.

"RVD turned me onto this originally. This is gonna rock. He doesn’t compete with anybody. I’m in it. RVD’s in it. Difference guys who are notable like Crowbar and I think Kurt Angle’s in it. But a lot of independent guys that you’ve never heard of, but people in that area, it’ll help build these guys and give these guys notice. They’re doing all their own shit. So I’m really excited to see it come up. There’s another army one that he’s doing with me, too. RVD’s in that game already, too. Just shoot ‘em up, blow ‘em up. The Mean Greens game, that’s his game, too," DDP said.

"Ashton is a very talented young man and one of the things we’re gonna do when he comes back in April, my wife Payge, they’re gonna put her in the suit just so they can see all her movements ‘cause we’re gonna do work outs as animation of these characters," DDP added. "I want him to do Nighthawk—who is the Batman-esque in Guardians of Justice, if Batman got older than forty. Nighthawk is chiseled and he’s grizzled and he’s in his sixties, and he drinks and he smokes, he takes pills ‘cause he’s in a lot of pain. He’s got cancer. He knows how to save the world and he’s gonna kill for the greater good or whatever he needs to do. It’s as if Batman got older is pretty much what it would be like. Payge is gonna do a Catwoman type thing and at times Nighthawk and Catwoman will take you through a workout, too."

You can view a list of everyone announced for the game by clicking here.

Early on in the video game’s development, Virtual Basement also shared some information about the upcoming video game with Sean Ross Sapp. You can see Fightful’s exclusive video and learn more about the upcoming game at this link.

These days, Diamond Dallas Page is largely involved with Sportskeeda Wrestling and had a lot to say about the current state of wrestling during their 2021 Sportskeeda Wrestling Awards.

You can also catch Diamond Dallas Page on Guardians of Justice on Netflix.

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