Dixie Carter Didn't Know What Kayfabe Was Until 2010, Says Russo

Well, this is an interesting one. 

Dixie Carter has long been criticized for a perceived lack of knowledge in regards to the wrestling business. On Friday's episode of the Fightful.com Podcast, former TNA writer Vince Russo may have helped lend more credence to those claims.

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"This is my favorite wrestling story of all time. I’ve never told this because it’s a little embarrassing to Dixie but it’s so hard not to tell because it’s so funny," Russo said. "There's somebody that I gotta protect and I’m not gonna mention his name, because he'd get all upset. It’s after a TV taping and we’re out getting dinner, and it's the the usual suspects--  Irish Pat Kenney, Terry Taylor, Al Snow, Matt Conway. I’m sitting next to somebody at the table. This somebody gets a phone call and it’s Dixie Carter."

Russo said that the unnamed person walked away from the table to talk to the TNA President and Owner Carter. Russo was then asked to talk to Dixie, and said that while they got along, the last thing he wanted to do after work was talk to his boss. When he gave in, he heard a livid Dixie on the other end.

"I’m doing the gimmick, “I’m not here. Tell her I’m not here.” The last person I want to talk to is Dixie at the end of a day. So, finally he gives me the phone and I’m like “Hey Dixie what’s up?” She is red hot, on fire. I’ve only heard Dixie this mad when she found out about Karen Angle and Jeff Jarrett," said Russo.

As it turned out, the target of Carter's frustration were WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, and longtime Executive Producer of WCW, Eric Bischoff.

"So I get on the phone," says Russo "Dixie what’s up?” [Dixie says] 'You’re not gonna believe what happened. I just went into the restaurant andHulk and Eric were having dinner and the minute I walked up to the table I heard the both of them say under their breath kayfabe, kayfabe, kayfabe. Vince who the f are they to kayfabe me? This is my f'n company! Who the f do they think they are kayfabing this boss? I can’t believe it. Screw Hulk. Screw Eric. Nobody is going to kayfabe me.'"

According to the former WCW Champion Russo, he told carter that she should have confronted the two about it right away. However, Carter had a potentially embarrassing reason for making the 2010 phone call in the first place. 

"Finally I hang up the phone with her. I give the phone back to the person who got the phone call. So I said to the person, 'Bro, why did Dixie call you and not me?' Like this was a phone call that should have went directly to Vince. Why did she call you and not me? Like, what was your conversation with Dixie? Wha—what did she want to talk to you for?” You ready? The guy, who I won’t sell down the river, said to me, “She wanted to know what kayfabe meant.” Eight years in and she was throwing the term around to me like she was a 30 year veteran of the business. Of all the stories bro that’s my favorite story of all time, and I never say it because it’s kind of embarrassing but its funny embarrassing, you know what I’m saying?," said Russo.

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