Dominik Mysterio Only Cares About What Other People Think Of Him When Rhea Ripley Tells Him To

Dominik Mysterio talks about finding his comfort zone in prison and the prison stereotypes that bother him.

Dominik Mysterio was arrested on Christmas Eve 2022 when visiting his own parents' home and ever since his arrest, Dom has been a different man and fully embraced the hard edge that being behind bars has given him.

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Speaking with Sean Ross Sapp ahead of the WWE Royal Rumble 2023 event, Dom discussed the stereotypes he believes he faces now that he has spent time in prison and revealed that he cares about some of it but only when Rhea Ripley tells him to.

"People look at me differently. Especially because of the way I dress and the long hair. People might think that I don't care, but sometimes I do, but only when mami tells me I should. Other than that, I really don't," he said.

Mysterio also opened up about his time in the joint and finding his "comfortable space" in prison and feeling that at this point, he has to be wherever Rhea Ripley is.

"Nobody wants to be [in jail] but once you get into a comfortable space where it's like, you can call your own shots in there, man, it doesn't matter where you are, right? For me at this point, I feel like wherever mami is, I have to be," said Dom.

Asked by Sean Ross Sapp if he had to crack someone over the head with a lunch tray to establish dominance, Dom responded, "You find the biggest guy in there and you do what you got to do."

That strategy helped Dom become one of the final five men in the 2023 WWE Royal Rumble Match that was eventually won by Cody Rhodes.

On recent episodes of Monday Night Raw, Mysterio compared the way he feels to the way that Martha Stewart must have felt after serving her time.

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