Don't Expect Michael Elgin Back In NJPW Any Time Soon; Heat With Tama Tonga

Well, it doesn't look like Michael Elgin will be back in NJPW soon.

Elgin hasn't wrestled since last June, and left IMPACT Wrestling. However, news emerged of some heat he's had with a NJPW mainstay, as reported by Fightful Select recently.

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For those expecting Michael Elgin to return to New Japan Pro Wrestling, that might not be as easy as you'd think. Elgin had told many in IMPACT Wrestling and close to him that he left New Japan because Tama Tonga was unsafe in hitting him with a chair in the G1 Tournament that he alleges tore his bicep. Elgin was also critical of Tama to several people in saying that he only got a push because of his father. The New Japan side of things is much different. Several that we contacted say that Elgin was actually fired from the company, but did not specify to us why.

Tama Tonga addressed this on his podcast after our story and confirmed he'd heard about the issues, but said that Elgin was already hurt and that he was using a plastic chair.

Specifically, Tama said the following:

"The real reason that dumbass idiot Michael Elgin ain't coming back to New Japan is because of his own damn stupid fault. This idiot was contracted with New Japan. Our schedule was pretty busy and when contract season was coming up, he still had another year. This dumbass told New Japan, 'look, my son, I need to go home and spend more time. I need to go home.' New Japan, being the family business that they are let him go and let him go out of his contract. He went home. Soon after that, he shows up on IMPACT. New Japan is blown away. What the fuck are you doing? Then, from IMPACT the following month and back in Japan working for All Japan. Elgin, you're the biggest fucking idiot I've ever seen in my life bro. It's your own damn fault. Why are you telling everybody that I won't let you come back to New Japan? No. You're your own reason why. You fucked that up yourself. How you gonna leave Japan because the schedule is too busy and then come back to work for a rival company? You're a fucking idiot. I hit him with a bunch of chair shots. I was just doing what I was told to do. The chair was plastic Michael Elgin! I'm a great worker and he said I was swinging like a wild man trying to hurt him. Nah, man. I put out his arm and hit the damn mat. Michael Elgin, you bitch ass, acting like you had an injury. You had your arm taped already, are you bitching about that? It seemed like every time you're about to lose, you're all taped up. Elgin, you're the biggest dumb idiot. After all this time, I was standing up for you. I was just telling the boys two weeks ago that I miss you. I miss your stupid ass, lying ass stories. It was entertaining. I stuck up for you. 'He's really talented in the ring, I respect his work.' I was trying to keep it chill. I had to find out from fans that Elgin was talking shit about me. I was like, 'they're fans, they don't know what they're talking about.' Then I read in the news you're talking shit? You dumb idiot."

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