Drew McIntyre Hopes Vince McMahon's Introduction Of Him Is A Part Of His Character Story On WWE TV

Drew McIntyre was introduced to WWE in as spectacular and endorsing as it gets, but it didn't work out. Not immediately, at least.

Over a decade ago, Drew McIntyre was brought to the Smackdown brand and introduced to the audience by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon himself. Though he had a solid run with multiple title reigns, it didn't work out, and he was subsequently released. With many quickly labeling him a bust, McIntyre wasn't done. Though it wasn't the success many anticipated it to be, McIntyre has hope that it will still get more juice in the future.

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"I don’t regret anything," McIntyre told Fightful in a new interview. "He’s never introduced anybody that way and I assume never will again. So that’s just part of my history. I think no matter what things wouldn’t have necessarily worked out the way for me they are now because I wasn’t ready for it. So, the way I look at it is when I get the opportunity and the when time is right and the right story that moment and that run is going to be a significant part of the growth of my character. But first I need that kick ass heel run."

Before McIntyre left WWE in 2014, he was able to adopt something that helped him in the future -- The Claymore. It actually happened by accident, as he knocked himself out delivering a big boot. He explained to us how he came up with the now synonymous finish, and how he refined it so he wouldn't keep getting concussions as a result.

"For one I had to get those pants loosened so it didn’t happen again. For those who don’t know, I ran for a big boot—when you run and kick someone in the head—the pants were too tight, I was worried about the crotch splitting. So I kicked my other leg up and landed on the back of my head. But also kicked Ryback in the face at the same time and was told afterwards when I regained consciousness, “wow, that kick looked pretty cool. [If there was any way to do it safely…”] So I watched it back and worked on it and finally figured out a safe, effective way to do the kick which became the Claymore," said McIntyre.

McIntyre has certainly refined the move, leading to major victories on the WWE Raw and NXT brand, as well as various promotions around the world. 


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