Drew McIntyre: Sheamus Bugged Me And My Wife About Moving To Nashville For Years

Sheamus loves Nashville.

Although many wrestlers live in Florida due to the growing nature of wrestling companies being based in the state, Nashville also seemingly has a high popularity of talented wrestlers.

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In a new interview with Fightful, Drew McIntyre talked about moving to Nashville, simply because of the peer pressure from fellow WWE superstar Sheamus.

"Well, that nemesis / friend / nemesis of mine, Sheamus, has been living there for years. He’s been prodding away at me. ‘You’ve gotta move here.’ It’s a change of pace. We’ve lived in Florida for over ten years. It’s got the forest, the greenery; it has similarities to Ireland and Scotland. Also my wife is from West Virginia, so he kept prodding at her once I said, ‘I don’t want to move. It’s too annoying to move.’ Finally she got the final vote, we moved. I love it. Everyone is so friendly. It is a nice change of pace. It does remind me of Scotland. We’re off away in the countryside. So I enjoy it a lot. It’s good to have that separation with how busy I am with the professional life and now in the thick of it in Florida, St. Petersburg, my personal life is very quite now. That’s cool."

When talking about his former home, McIntyre shared a fun fact about the United Kingdom.

"Technically you could fit the UK, the whole of the UK, into Texas three times in one state. But you look at our history, especially Scotland’s history, we have very cool history with very cool people. Just google Scotland and what we have invented and the people have achieved from there. Five million people have done a lot for this world."

McIntyre also talked about helping WWE out in various charitable roles, noting that he enjoys making a difference outside the ring more than inside the ring.

"Yeah, yeah it does. I’ve said this before, I’ll say it every time I’m asked —growing up I always wanted to get in the ring, winning championships, it means so much to me what I do on television as Drew McIntyre. But the whole being fired thing, and getting perspective and being a little bit older and wiser these days, it’s the stuff outside the ring where you make the real difference is the most important to me. Even though I’m in Money in the Bank tonight and I hate ladders—I frickin’ hate ladders, I frickin’ hate heights and I really should be getting fully prepared—I see this as part of my preparation. I love getting up early and hanging out with everybody here. It’s all about inclusion through sports, it’s all about fun for the Boys & Girls Club of Nevada, Special Olympics unified together and allowing WWE to come and hang out is very, very cool."

Elsewhere in the interview, McIntyre discussed his WrestleMania 36 title win. To see his full comments on the matter, click here.

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