EC3 & JC Discuss Vetting Process For Free The Narrative

What does it take for someone to find the courage to free their narrative?

EC3 and JC have helped recent WWE releases, Matt Cardona and Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman) find themselves via the Free The Narrative series of events.

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While Strowman had come to EC3 first, there is a vetting process before a wrestler becomes part of the Narrative series of events.

Speaking with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, JC explained the interview process every wrestler undergoes.

"We do an interview process with everybody. They come into the print shop, sit down, it's a big therapy session. Especially in the past two months, the level of talent that have walked through here asking, even if they're not in The Narrative, 'Hey, let's sit down and talk and hash it out.' We're not wrestling producers, we're therapists in a way. Helping them get through...then we get to capture that in the ring.

EC3 added, "Our peers in wrestling have found interest in it, even before fans did, to be able to explore themselves and ask about it like, 'How do I get in?' Just watch it, see where you fit in, tell me who you want to be, it's on you and we'll figure it out. Finishing this project, the day it was done, walking out of the venue, I'm using my misery slow walk downtown, by myself, but I left with a feeling of accomplishment that I haven't had in such a long time, just being able to band people together, create together, and put things in motion for people to explore themselves and do something unique and different and push themselves to the limit and portray to the world their reality. It was a transcendent experience. Basically, I'm a God [laughs].

"It's a certain level of trust we have that you're not going to find in any other wrestling company. This is our life, so we'd like to make a living on it."

Another recent release, Marina Shafir is slated to be apart of an upcoming Narrative. JC and EC3 open up about how moved they were by the former NXT star's vision for herself.

"I was filming Marina Shafir the other day. There is some propaganda coming out with her and I looked her right in the eyes and was like, 'I'm here just to capture your feelings and emotion.' She was like, 'Wow, I was never offered trust before.' She's going to be the first woman in The Narrative and she's going to kick ass," said JC.

"When she came in here to talk about us creating her vision and The Narrative, she was telling her story and how she wanted us to capture it. I was transfixed with it. If you can have my dark, cold, black heart emotionally pump red blood back in, I was hanging on every word. The reason I started this is, I meet so many interesting and unique people through this industry that you never truly get to know, but fans get to know and they want to show and tell it. It's difficult when there is so much else on the line with corporate wrestling and things of that nature. This is a subculture, offshoot, supplemental content where they can take this and take themselves forward," added EC3

EC3 continued, "There is a litany of names, but at this point, seeking the names, I don't want to seek them anymore. After Free The Narrative II, especially with Adam's involvement, the names are going to seek us. Like we say, if you want to be in The Narrative, all you have to do is knock."

JC believes Free The Narrative will only grow from here and EC3 shared his dream Narrative subject in the former face of WWE.

"Once you see the way Adam Scherr performs, the way he lets it all out in the ring, it's not like there are 100 million falsies and run really fast like you see on most television shows, this man breaks down, cries, and literally kills the former version of himself. Once other wrestlers see that and that opportunity, it'll be like that scene in Fight Club, 'can I be next?' We have ideas of people we'd like to free, but we're going to let it happen organically," said JC.

EC3 concluded, "I wanna free John Cena."

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