EC3 Remembers Getting Sonny Kiss To Kiss Him On The Fly To Save A Flat Show Ending

EC3 is changing the narrative, but he was making memories long ago when he was atop TNA wrestling.

One of those moments featured someone who had the biggest match of their life this week, but let EC3 tell the story.

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"I was at this indie, I think it was right when I could still do a little bit of indie stuff right at TNA before they exclusively signed me to a big money deal. Yeah, they had those. I go to the show, I did a seminar and this is something I like to do at indie shows. It’s not like super cash grab, but I mean, it’s $25 plus whatever the promoter wants to charge. I just kinda run through little drills, but like, who cares about wrestling drills. Let’s get to what’s more important about wrestling—your promos match the storytelling, psychology, stuff like that. Let’s watch some stuff. If I give them one good thing, they get their money’s worth. If I give 20 bad things, they fix 20 bad things, they got their money’s worth. Whatever," EC3 remembered, when speaking to Fightful.

There was one particular person that stood out to EC3 at this show -- Sonny Kiss, who would later land in Lucha Underground, before being signed to All Elite Wrestling. It didn't take long for EC3 to realize that Sonny was going to be a star of that show.

"Sonny [Kiss] was there. Impressive athlete. I can’t do any of this. He’s doing his deal. He wasn’t in character yet, so I didn’t know the extent of his persona, so to speak. So, I’m sitting there watching the show with the others, a miserable piece of crap. Then, his match comes on and this place wasn’t packed, it was very sparse crowd. The second he came out there, that place was rocking. I was like, “Whoa.” Just seeing that, and it wasn’t he sold all the tickets. These people came to see him and if they didn’t come to see him, they’re coming back to see him. He just came out doing his thing, I’m like, “Holy hell. This dude’s got something. Wow. He’s real cool.” So, I watch the match. Pretty good," EC3 recalled.

EC3 was in the top spot on the night's show, and was the reigning TNA World Champion. He was set to win his match and end the show, but he didn't think that was going to cut it.

"Show goes to intermission. I’m putting together whatever I’m doing in the main event. Whatever we were doing was going to leave the fans… It felt flat. I just didn’t feel like that was a good end to the show. So, I’m thinking. I [tell the promoter], “After this match, send Sonny Kiss out there and tell him to just kiss me. Go ahead.” I’m doing the match, and then we’re done. Flat. I start ranting and raving, somebody in the back—whatever, whatever, I don’t remember how it went down. Here comes Sonny Kiss’s music. Comes out there and I don’t remember verbatim what I did, but I get kind of close to, “I’m going to low blow you. Don’t sell it. When I get up, give me a big kiss.” He’s like, “Alright.” So, I talked junk to him. Wham! Hit him. “Yeah, got him!” I look up, he’s just no selling it, giving me the old finger. I think. I could be wrong. There’s actual video, so I don’t want to overindulge. Gives me the finger, grabs me, lays it on me. I bump, “Holy hell.” Place goes crazy. Everyone’s happy and now he’s a star. Very talented. So glad he’s doing well," EC3 closed.

Sonny Kiss is doing well. He's seen an increased profile of late in his tag team with Joey Janela, and Wednesday night competed in likely the biggest match of his life, facing Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship.

You can see the spot with EC3 and Sonny Kiss below.

You can see our full interview with EC3 at the top of the page, and our long-form feature at this link. Keep your eye on EC3's Facebook this weekend to see how he controls his narrative.

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