Enzo Amore's Accuser Releases Follow Up Video, Additional Details

It's been nearly three weeks since then-WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore was publicly accused of a sexual assualt, and subsequently suspended, then released by WWE. Now, his accuser has spoken out again. 

Philmoena Sheahan posted a lengthy Youtube video about the situation, where she also claims that she made a suicide attempt on January 29.

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"I understand my previous Youtube videos are not in my favor at all. They kind of discredit everything said from my last Youtube video on. I'm not f---king stupid. It's f--king obvious why no one's believing me. Do you think that with that knowledge in my mind and admitting that in my mind, I would still proceed to ruin a man's career for two seconds of unwanted fame? I did not want that shit. 

If I already knew nobody was going to believe me, why would I come out with it if that were a lie? I used to "Stan" TooPoor and Tyler Grosso. I would never throw those accusations on someone unless they were true. Why would I come out with this insane story, thinking I would get money for it if that were a lie? I did this for womankind. I did this so the next girl that "Stans" them and ends up in a hotel room with him -- that it doesn't happen again

Suicide attempt validated. I took 16 times the amount of trazodone I was prescribed. I was in the mental hospital (a little short of two weeks). It does look like a publicity stunt. I did not expect for TMZ and Forbes to call me. I did it for the other girls -- so we as a family -- so that doesn't happen to any of us. 

I didn't even know who their f--cking friend was. There's so much sincerity in my mind and my heart it makes me sick that I'm getting so much hate from this. I'm not affected by the hate, you tweet anything you get hate. I've been sexually assaulted four times. Your trauma shapes you. I wish the world isn't the way that is. I wish there wasn't women who did this just for fame. I wish women got their justice for being a sexual assault victim.  

I got out of the mental hospital yesterday (February 9). Packed all my sh-- and moved far, far away for piece of mind and sobriety and everything. I just couldn't be there anymore. I'm stabilized. This is me. I'll never fathom how someone could be that f---ed. I'm pretty f---ked in the head, but I could never imagine how someone could be so evil and malicious to someone. Someone they just met."

When Fightful reached out to both Phoenix PD and Sheahan themselves, the Phoenix PD wouldn't provide additional details. Sheahan said that she's been in contact with the PD, but wouldn't be updating anyone with ongoing details of the case. 

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