Ethan Page Wants Motor City Machine Guns vs. The North At TNA Retro Show | Exclusive

Are you ready to cross the line!? Ethan Page is.

Page has a busy WrestleMania week. He has his Body Guy Extravaganza, but also helped spearhead the movement for IMPACT Wrestling to do a TNA Retro show. Now, it's full steam ahead, with many names announced. When Fightful asked around backstage, we were told Page was a huge influence on it happening. 

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"Okay, I’m glad because I’ll for sure not get any credit for it, which is totally okay," Page laughed when talking to Fightful. "I’m happy that it’s happening as a fan of TNA. But, there was a period of time this year where I did a weekly Twitch show for IMPACT! Wrestling where we watched old wrestling. It was old wrestling that was on their app, the IMPACT Plus app, go check it out. It’s $7.99—it’s a very good app, I use it all the time. Which, by thet way, by the time this interview comes out, [the Throwback Throwdown show] is probably available on that app right now. That whole episode on Impact is very fun. So, if you haven’t seen it, that’s a really easy way to check it out. There’s also a free trial, too, so you can watch the show like that."

The idea of a TNA retro show was something that Page and his tag team partner Josh Alexander pitched to  Co-Executive Vice President Scott D'Amore repeatedly before it actually happened. D'Amore had some concessions of his own, though. 

"We did the weekly Twitch show—myself and Josh Alexander—and we’re both huge fans, and we had Scott D’Amore on one week. During that week I just figured I’d push the envelope. Like, when the cameras are on everyone becomes a little bit more accepting to crazy ideas ‘cause they know people are watching. So, I kinda started pushing, “Hey, when are we gonna do King of the Mountain match?” He’s like, “You have to do it at Alpha-1 first.” (so we did that)—December 15th in Hamilton, Ontario," Page said. 

After accepting the D'Amore Double Dog Dare, Page went a step further and really angled for the show to happen. But when it was announced, Page actually missed it!

"I said let’s do a throwback show WrestleMania weekend. I pressed the issue and eventually they announced it during Bound for Glory weekend, which is hilarious ‘cause it was like a rib on me. I left early, because there’s no call time or they didn’t specify how late we had to stay. It was “Do the meet and greet, check out as much as the show as you want, and head back to the hotel.” The next day was the pay-per-view, so they allowed us that time to relax. It was funny because Scott texted me after, “Did you miss it?” I go, “Miss what?” He goes, “Check your phone.” So, I looked my phone and everyone was going crazy that there was gonna be a TNA show," said Page.

Page has seen his profile increase drastically over the last few years, and the man isn't humble. No, he knows his talents, all four of them. No more, no less!

"I’m more than a double threat. I’m a triple, quadruple…I’ve got the vlogging. I’m good with the video editing, tech savvy. We’ve got the vlog. I’ve got online covered. I think social media for me is a very strong part of my career. I would say I’m decent in the ring when it comes to athleticism. Sometimes I do flips. I’m very entertaining as you can tell ‘cause you haven’t stopped watching this interview yet. You’re continuing to enjoy my voice. I’m also a booker, promoter, graphic designer—so I mean, there’s multiple threats. I try and dabble in everything so that eventually when my body tells me I can’t wrestle anymore, I have lots of options," said Page. 

In the weeks since the interview with Page, several names have been announced for the TNA Retro show. One of those is Chris Sabin, a former TNA World Champion. Page wants to take it a step further, he wants the Motor City Machine Guns to take on himself and Josh Alexander, the North.

"I’ve already tried to push my ideas on everybody. Actually, I want to know if Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin will accept my challenge and talk to Scott D’Amore and iron out your pay agreements so we can get the ball moving. Nobody has actually done anything or offered anything, this is me 1000% going into business for myself and trying to make the North versus the Motor City Machine Guns happen on a TNA show, with TNA ropes, with TNA entrance, TNA aprons, banners. Also I just said all that in a video which means you all have to have those things for the show now, and double sided tunnel entrances, pyro, Jeff Jarrett! I’m just kidding," said Page of the upcoming nostalgia-based show. 

When I joked about D-Ray 3000 possibly working the show, Page revealed that he's actually heard from him of late, and he's still wrestling. 

"D-Ray 3000 hit up Alpha-1 recently to try to get booked, though," said Page. "He’s out of Michigan, he’s taking indie bookings.  Being good at my multiple threats, you have to look at things in the big picture. Especially when it comes to Alpha-1, I book things so far in advance that I feel bad when guys contact me. ‘Cause it’s like, “Hey, I see you have a show coming up. Do you have any opening spots?” I’m like, “I don’t have any opening spots for the next five shows.” That’s just the way I do it."

Impact Wrestling Presents Total Nonstop Action There's No Place Like Home takes place Friday, April 3rd at WrestleCon, and will air live on FITE at 7 PM EST. Ethan Page's Body Guy Extravaganza takes place the same day at 3 PM EST. 

You can see our full interview with Ethan at the top of the page, and another from 2019 below.

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