Evan Husney On 'Dark Side Of The Ring' Spin-Offs: It's Been Cool, We're Totally In Support Of It

Evan Husney talks 'Dark Side Of The Ring' spinoffs.

Since 2019, VICE TV has aired five seasons of 'Dark Side Of The Ring'. After the success of the first and second seasons, the network began creating spin-offs like 'Dark Side Of Football' and 'Dark Side Of The 90s'. Since then, VICE has also released other spin-offs to 'Dark Side Of The Ring' like 'Dark Side Of Comedy', and 'Dark Side Of The 2000s'.

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While speaking to Fightful for a new interview, Husney talked about the spin-offs, noting that it all started with a standalone documentary on the death of Bruiser Brody.

"It's been crazy. Like when we started out, all we had ever thought for this series, it was just going to be this standalone documentary on the death of Bruiser Brody. That was all we had ever anticipated or hoped for at that time was just to make an hour long documentary for television on Bruiser Brody and then it slowly just became turning it into a series and developing it into like all these different stories and then building it out, getting a season one green light, and then going to season two, which I think the show really took off, and then just seeing it sort of become almost like the Dark Side channel on Vice is crazy. I had been working with Vice since 2013, so it's been a long ride for me. It's just cool. It's really cool to see the show being embraced and to be taking on new forms. We're totally in support of it and it's just been cool. It's been cool to see, for sure."

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Also, check out Fightful's full interview with Husney in the video linked at the top of this article.

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