Even Drew McIntyre Loves Jinder Mahal's WWE Theme Song

We've heard that Drew McIntyre might bring back the "Broken Dreams" theme. But he wants to get rid of another classic.

Jinder Mahal's theme. This won't stand.

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"It’s pretty catchy," said McIntyre to Fightful. "It was playing yesterday when I was at one of my appearances. I was listening to it in the back. I was like, ‘Man, we need to cut that crap. He’s supposed to be a bad guy. Can’t be having cool music as a bad guy.’ That’s like one of the bad guys being like, ‘I’m a bad guy, but give me likes and put me over for being a bad guy.’ Which is not really a bad guy, by the way."

Jinder Mahal, much like Drew, got new theme music upon his WWE return, and it was instantly embraced, even by his doubters.

Drew McIntyre also confirmed that in 2020 when he was WWE Champion that there was a plan and direction for Mahal to challenge him. Unfortunately, a second knee surgery put Mahal on the shelf, much to the chagrin of Drew.,

"I was disappointed when he went down with the injury. ‘Cause, one, he’s a friend and two, I felt like there was a lot of cool stuff we could have done together. Thankfully, he’s got himself health now. He’s looking in the best shape of his life and we (had) a huge match at SummerSlam. I mean, you think about our history and the opportunities we both got when we were in our early twenties and it didn’t work out, 3MB together, fired, having to figure ourselves out. Taking two different paths outside of WWE with myself taking over the independents, et cetera, and himself returning to WWE just as a body and seeing that as an opportunity and making the most of it and both becoming WWE champions. Now to be fighting each other on the biggest stage, fans coming back, over forty thousand people, Allegiant Stadium. It’s incredible. I’m happy for Jinder for all the trash he’s been talking. He’s gonna take down Drew McIntyre. That’s cool, man. I appreciate the confidence, you worked hard. But, don’t be silly now. I’m the guy that took down Lesnar and Goldberg without even trying, Orton, it’s a who’s who. I’m an absolute freakin’ savage and he’s getting reminded over the past month how truly violent I can be. Be it Shanky with a couple of chair shots or swinging a legit sword in his face," said McIntyre.

You can see our full interview with Drew McIntyre at the top of the page, and you can see him in action every Monday on WWE Raw on the USA Network.

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