Exclusive: Backstage WWE News On Reactions To Jon Moxley Talk Is Jericho Interview

The Jon Moxley Talk Is Jericho interview was the talk of the town in wrestling last week, and didn't do much to instill confidence in the WWE creative process.

Fightful was able to speak to several wrestlers and employees this week who both echoed the same sentiment shared by the former Dean Ambrose, and feared that they'd end up in the same boat creatively. One went as far as to say that Moxley's words broke their heart, because it reflected the way that they've felt, saying they reach the point of physical nausea when they get to TV every week. However, the same talent said that they're glad the story is out there.

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The discussion of the weight of Moxley's words was broached as well, with this particular talent believing Moxley's held more water than that of CM Punk's did when he left back in 2014. The wrestler also said that they've always thought they could make anything work, but seemed to doubt that moving forward.

Another went to the trouble of contacting us and saying that if things don't improve, they'll be leaving when their contract is up, and saying they've already mentally checked out until that point. None of the blame was put on the writers, citing that they had a "frustrating job and a tough time answering to Vince McMahon." The wrestler said that McMahon has build an infrastructure that makes him tough to gain access to, with writers and producers that fear for their jobs and subsequently don't provide as much constructive criticism as they should.

One writer we reached out to simply said "He's not lying," in regards to Moxley's passionate interview.

Fightful will continue to attempt to make contact with talent and employees about their feelings on the interview. This story was first reported on Fightful Select. Subscribe to support our independent coverage of professional wrestling.

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