Exclusive: Best Friends Believe Ben Simmons Was A Peacemaker, Reveal Favorite Rick & Morty Characters

Best Friends are on Philly's side. 

Chuckie T & Trent may not have the best record in AEW, but that hasn't stopped the Best Friends from being one of the more popular acts in the promotion. Speaking to Fightful at Starrcast IV, their back-and-forth conversation was on full display when asked about Chuckie's favorite basketball team, The Philadelphia 76ers, and Ben Simmons infamously putting Karl-Anthony Towns in a rear-naked choke in the name of peace.

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Chuckie - He didn't fully complete it. He had him in the crook correctly, but he didn't bring in the form and put the hand behind the head. He was corralling him. He was the peacemaker. He wasn't trying to choke him. But [Karl-Anthony Towns] did tap out like a bitch. 

Trent - Basketball men fought? They don't do that, right? On the court?

Chuckie - No punches landed but they like wrestled around and Ben Simmons put Karl-Anthony Towns in a rear-naked choke. Just to calm him down. Peacekeeper. 

Trent - Did they throw punches?

Chuckie - Karl-Anthony Towns did but none of them landed.

Trent - The peacekeeper didn't throw punches?

Chuckie - No, he was there for peacekeeping only.

Chuckie - Emiid [would win a fight against KAT]. He grew up around lions.

Trent - Is that true?

Chuckie - He's African. 

Trent - Oh, Jesus Christ.

Chuckie - That's a quote from Embiid.

The Best Friends displayed their crossover appeal on the Oct. 30 episode of Dynamite when they dressed as characters from the popular TV show "Rick & Morty." When asked about their AEW Halloween costumes and their favorite characters from the show, the two had the following exchange.

Trent - We heard about it a month or two ago. They were like, 'Maybe you guys would be the best guys to go with it.' We were like, 'Yeah.' We've all watched the show so of course we wanted to do it.

Chuckie - A week before it happened that's when they really hammered it home like, yeah, this is happening. 

Chuckie - Jerry's great. I love Chris Parnell.

Trent - Jerry's a piece of shit. 

Chuckie - Mr. Poopy Butthole is good. Mr. Meeseeks

Trent - I don't like Meeseeks. They're scum bags. I'm into Bird Person.

Chuckie - Bird Person is great. 

Trent - Morty is my favorite, actually.

By now, fans know that AEW is a promotion for the wrestlers with little to no reliance on scripts or writers. When asked about the creative freedom in the promotion Trent said, "Nobody really tells us what to do at all. Everyone is just doing what they want to do" and Chuckie added, "There's no really a creative department. We don't have to go talk to sitcom writers. We just do what we do." 

Trent recently competed in a singles bout against Pac on AEW Dynamite, where the finish went awry as the referee stopped his count despite Trent not getting his shoulder up. Trent simply stated the finish "went wrong," though both agreed it was Orange Cassidy's fault. 

Orange Cassidy gave no comment on the matter. 

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