Exclusive: Details On Anti-Charlotte Flair Signs Confiscated From Becky Lynch Fans By WWE Security

Becky Lynch won the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship at Sunday night's WWE Hell in a Cell, but as some would tell it -- not everything went so smoothly. 

The Daily Star ran a story following WWE Hell in a Cell that gained the attention of the new champion, alleging that anti-Charlotte Flair signs were taken away from fans at the show. With "I Boo The Woo" written across them, the signs were quickly removed.

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The Twitter user, @kimberlasskick, who posted the information spoke to Fightful.com Monday, who cleared the air and said there was no specific reason given, and that security went as far as to ask for one of the signs to review. 

"I had my stack and my friends handed out some but they were on the non tv side. I went to do it and a arena security took one and said let me borrow one. He took it (and) looked like someone who worked for WWE, because I’ve seen that guy at shows. I was putting more down, and then a few minutes later someone else from the arena came to me and said (they'd) been authorized to take these. That’s all they said. I took ones from the non-TV side back and hid them until the promo for the match started and handed more out (laughts). But they didn’t seem to take any from then on. Not sure if they just didn’t like how many I had or what."

According to Kim, she'd reached out to Becky Lynch about the idea, who was receptive. She had to get signs past security, who questioned her, but would ultimately allow her through.

"Before the show I asked if she thought it’d be cool and she said she (said) 'absolutely do it.' The crowd liked (them). Anyone who got (them) held (them) up, really. My guess it was because I had so many, but who knows? I really wanted to get every seat on the floor, but I got to about 4 rows which was good enough for TV at least. When I first got there one guard was like 'are you gonna hand those out?' I told him the story, and the guard was like 'no problem.' Five minutes later another guard took one."

Fightful.com reached out to WWE for comment on the matter, but thus far that's gone unreturned. WWE has had "sign sections" prior for the likes of Cesaro, but are very particular how their television presentation comes across. 

You can see our live, post-WWE Hell in a Cell Podcast where we break down the show at this link.

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