Exclusive Details On Dixie Carter's Backstage Meeting With TNA Employees

TNA Owner Dixie Carter met with TNA talents and employees and spoke about the company's situation.

Fightful.com has spoken to several TNA talents and employees about the meeting, which was expected to take place on Sunday, but ended up happening on Monday. Dixie Carter was said to "not do herself any favors" as it pertained to the talent wanting her out of the company.

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As Fightful.com reported last week, Bound For Glory was always set to happen, but TNA was still in dire financial straits. A backstage employee said that she was asked about late pay, and Carter said that the company has often found themselves in a position where they're also paid late.

The talent still very much want Billy Corgan in charge, and think that Carter is holding the company back. As we were recently told, several wrestlers see both the current owners and prospective owners as having completely different agendas. A longtime employee said that "some are trying to save face, some are trying to save the company, and some are trying to save themselves for a hopeful WWE gig." Carter confirmed that she did have issues with some of the other owners.

Carter admitted that WWE was interested, and that negotiations had occurred, but portrayed that she couldn't make the deal in good conscience. She acted oblivious to the entire sale situation, saying she couldn't believe that many people were concerned about the future of the company. As one wrestler said "She acted like it was a need to know basis, but we need to know if we're going to have jobs." 

Most backstage seemed happy that Carter at least addressed the situation, but the general consensus among those that we spoke to was that Carter offered little to no accountability for anything. It's worth noting that the talents and employees Fightful spoke to did so on a condition of anonymity, so they may be angling just as much as those they're accusing of doing so. 

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