Exclusive: Eric Bischoff Talks WWE Production Being "Too Glossy" For His Tastes

Eric Bischoff has found success both in front of the camera and behind it in pro wrestling.

Bischoff spoke to Fightful recently about the tools and resources he required to move ahead of WWF in the 1990s. When we spoke to him about what moves he would make if he was in competition with the company again, he was quick to say there is no competing with the likes of WWE. However, there are differences which can be implemented

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"When you talk about production values, you have to look at it for more than one perspective -- whose graphics are cooler? Who has the better pyro? Those are obvious things. Going from taped to live had a far more significant impact on the wrestling industry than cool graphics. Even today, I love WWE's product. Nobody can come close to producing them. For my tastes, it's a little too glossy. It doesn't feel live. There's no sense of urgency. The feeling that anything can happen -- that's a big advantage of going live. You condition the audience to believe or to feel, even subconsciously, because it's live it's a little more dangerous because anything can happen. That's something that drives viewership for wrestling, or at least it used to. I think by producing a show that's too glossy, you almost forget that it's live. That's just my own take. That doesn't mean I'm right, that's just how I feel about it," said Bischoff.

For all of the shine and glitz that one man sees as necessary for his wrestling product, another can find a downfall in it. 

WWE is oft-criticized for their unconventional camera angles and zooms, in addition to numerous other tropes that have appeared on the show over recent years. Other promotions -- notably Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling take a different approach, while the upstart All Elite Wrestling have announced that they will be taking a more "sports-oriented" angle. 

You can hear Eric Bischoff's 83 Weeks Podcast every week at this link, and you can subscribe to his Patreon with tons of extras. Be sure to check out the full interview with Eric above.

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