Exclusive: Flip Gordon Considering Adding Submission Finisher To Arsenal

Flip Gordon certainly lives up to his name, but he may be looking for a new finish to his matches soon.

Gordon recently spoke to Fightful, and a Fightful Select subscriber asked if he'd ever considered a submission hold to close out contests to help preserve his body. Gordon told us he had two moves in mind -- both of which have led to WWE Championships.

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"I've been thinking of a submission lately," Gordon admitted. "The two submissions I'm debating are the Crossface and the STFU. I was a huge Cena fan growing up, and I remember when he started using it, and I don't think anyone else is using it. He's kind of done wrestling now, so I might steal it from him. I was always a huge fan of the Crossface, too."

Gordon's popularity has exploded since becoming a recurring cast member on the "Being The Elite" series. From him being ribbed by the group repeatedly, to trying to get all in, to trying to grab imaginary brass rings, Gordon spoke positively about the impact the show has had on his career. 

"It's been a lot of fun and probably the highlight of my wrestling career. It's got me more comfortable speaking, and I'm not scripted too tight. A lot of it is improv. They give me direction and the story they want to get across, but mostly it's guys that was to tell a funny story to their fans online. To this day, I have people come up to me who haven't seen me wrestle, but they saw me on Being the Elite, and came to a show to see me wrestle. It shows you the power that social media has. They watch it so religiously, if they throw a new character on the show, they're interested," said Gordon.

You can see our full interview with Gordon above, and see a plethora of his matches on Ring of Honor's HonorClub service. 

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