Exclusive: Flip Gordon Discusses The Reach Of Being The Elite, Won't Detail Historic "Chipotle" Fight

Flip Gordon emerging on the scene of Ring of Honor over the last year has given the company a fresh face to integrate into their storylines. Gordon will be presented one of his biggest matches this Friday at ROH Best in the World 2018 on HonorClub as he takes on WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray in a battle of old guard vs. new guard.

When I spoke to Flip Gordon this week, he was shocked that he was able to gain this opportunity to take on the legendary former Dudley Boy. Gordon was also presented with the chance recently to participate in New Japan's Best of the Super Juniors tournament, which he said wasn't too out of his wheelhouse physically. 

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"It was tough, but it wasn't my first tour so I knew what to expect. I went to CMLL and stayed for three weeks, and it was the same thing -- wrestling five days a week. I came back in better shape than when I left, and I got better," said Gordon.

Perhaps the biggest break in Gordon's career has been his involvement in Being the Elite, a web series that features members of Bullet Club, as well as the likes of Jay Lethal, SoCal Uncensored, Joey Ryan and more. Gordon says the impact of the show has been huge on his career. 

"It's affected me greatly. It's given me an opportunity to show a different side of Flip Gordon. It's given me character, a storyline, the reach of 200,000 subscribers and growing. I feel like more people see me on Being the Elite than wrestling. It's cool how much exposure its gotten," Gordon told me. "I just have fun, they give me ideas, this is what you're doing. They're very creative. I'm not that creative, but if someone gives me an idea I can run with it."

Gordon wouldn't go into details of the famed fight that Cody Rhodes claims he got into over a wrestler in Pittsburgh disrespecting Christopher Daniels, which allegedly ruined Rhodes' Chipotle. Gordon did, however, expand upon his training in martial arts.

"I'm pleading the fifth. I'm not allowed to talk about it. It wasn't me that stepped on Cody's Chipotle, the other guy did it, but we're not allowed to talk about it," said Gordon. "I did combatives in the military, I have a Brazilian jiu jitsu background, did MMA for a while, and transitioned into pro wrestling, which is what I wanted to do. They didn't have pro wrestling in Montana!"

This Friday's show takes place in Baltimore, a place Flip holds near to his heart. He had his first ROH match there, and was greeted with a "please sign Flip" chant from the crowd.

You can see Ring of Honor Best in the World 2018 at ROH HonorClub Friday, June 29. Fightful.com will have full, live coverage of the show. 

Photo credit: RING OF HONOR/Cory Tatum

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