Exclusive: Joey Janela Reveals Names That He Tried To Book For Spring Break 2 And Fell Out; Talks NWO Sting

Joey Janela's themed events are always head turners, full of huge moments and big surprises. Some of the biggest surprises, however, are announced months ahead of time to huge fanfare. 

With Janela's Spring Break already sold out, the man had pay-per-views to sell. He and Game Changer Wrestling would dig deep into the bank account to draw out Jeff Farmer, perhaps more famously known as NWO Sting.

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"It's something weird that just came up and we snatched him up, and I was definitely ok with it. It was one of our most retweeted and liked announcements of them all -- Jeff Farmer. It shows you what people are looking for today in their wrestling. He's going to come through and make people question 'is that Sting or is that Bogus Sting?'," Janela told us.

Another star of that era was ECW's 911, who would come to the ring, and chokeslam helpless victims. 911 ended up backing out of Joey Janela's Spring Break 3 due to a family issue. With the unpredictable nature of the events, this sometimes happens. According to Janela, three former WWF Superstars in particular were pegged for last year's show, including a nice two-for-one offering.

"If I had a list of all the people that pulled out of the people that pulled out, you'd be shocked. Akeem last year. We actually got a dashiki and his little hat. Something happened, his house was flooded and he pulled out. D-Lo Brown was another one last year. Justin Credible was another one last year. There was going to be a dual Justin Credible/Aldo Montoya tribute. We'd talked about him getting eliminated, going under the ring, donning the mask and coming back as Aldo Montoya. That fell through as well. Last year the fans didn't know any of that, so everything was good," said Janela.

With the bad comes the good, and it might not surprise you to learn that some of the names easiest for Janela to deal with, have been some that have competed at the highest levels for the longest periods of time. One in particular was a Japanese legend that Janela wanted to book, and was surprised how easily it happened.

"The Great Sasuke was one I wanted to book after the first one. That came together pretty nicely. He was one of the easiest guys to do business with. It was surreal seeing the Great Sasuke in the flesh, knowing that I was going to wrestle him the next night," said Janela.

You can see the sold out Joey Janela's Spring Break 3 Shows on April 5 & 6 live on Fite. Fightful will have full, live coverage of these shows, as well as a live discussion.

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