Exclusive: Jordynne Grace Makes Her Case For The Bearhug As A Finisher, Wants To Face Jeff Cobb

Jordynne Grace is quickly developing a following on the independent wrestling circuit, but her 22 years of age doesn't tell the full story -- Grace has an old soul in some regards.

I spoke to Grace for an interview recently to talk Ladies Night Out II, and brought up the uber-controversial topic of her affection for the bearhug. Seen by many as boring, Grace is on a mission to take the move back and make it reclaim its glory days of Bruno Sammartino and other major stars. She made her case for the bearhug:

"That's real. Have you seen Parks and Recreation? Do you remember the scene where Ron puts the guy in the bearhug and he passes out? There you go! That's my case for the bearhug. That's real! I've won a lot of matches with it. I won a battle royal with a bearhug. Me and the other girl were on the apron, and I put her in the bearhug and she passed out and fell to the ground," Grace told us.

Wrestling since she was 14, Grace has encountered her fair share of eventual stars along the way. One of which is new WWE Superstar Ember Moon. Despite what Moon would become, Grace said that at the time, she really didn't have an inclination.

"I didn't know a ton about her actually. I might have been 15 when I wrestled her, and I wasn't big on my history back then," said Grace.

A big part of Grace's persona is being booked in intergender matches. There's been a shift in perception in matches pitting men against women, something Grace has witnessed first-hand.

"It's definitely more acceptable now than five years ago. I've done more intergender matches in the past year in my entire career. This is probably never gonna happen, but I would love to wrestle Jeff Cobb. I feel like he's me, but just a guy," Grace said.

You can see Jordynne Grace at Ladies Night Out II on May 19 in Texas City, courtesy of Title Match Wrestling Network and Reality of Wrestling. Check out Title Match Wrestling for more details, and you can also see tons of shoot interviews, events and podcasts there. Check out our full interview with Jordynne Grace above, and follow her on Twitter. We'll have more articles from the interview this week.

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