Exclusive: Kenny Dykstra Recalls Strange Backstage Experience After WWE Dark Match In 2011

Kenny Dykstra's experiences in WWE go beyond what people see on television and recalled one time the former Spirit Squad member had a bizarre experience with agents and John Laurinaitis.

Dykstra spoke to Fightful about his time in WWE and talked about a dark match he had worked for WWE in 2011. Dykstra wrestled Justin Gabriel, and although he was happy with the match, his experience backstage wasn't exactly a normal one. 

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"That was great. It was actually kind of weird at first because he was like, 'Hey man, I used to watch you growing up,' and I was like, 'We're the same age!' But it was a great match. We got great feedback and I don't want to say they messed with me on purpose, but there were agents in the back and telling me, 'Wow that's great. I can't believe we're having you back.' I was like, 'Wait, where are you guys getting this information? No one's telling me this.' Then John Laurinaitis pulled me into his office and said to me, 'You have nothing that I want, I'm not interested [in bringing you back].' But whatever, if you didn't see anything then, that's fine. I'll come back. I'll change, don't worry about it. I got it," Dykstra said. 

When the Spirit Squad was written off of television in 2006, Dykstra was getting repackaged, but had requested that he not return to television the following week because he thought he would not be treated any differently from the crowd compared to what he was being treated as a member of the Spirit Squad.

"I don't think [there was any resentment]. I actually asked to not return to television the following week. You can't be a male cheerleader for a whole year and then come back immediately and you're not a male cheerleader anymore. It was tough because I wasn't sure how I was going to get a fair shake after this. Not that I won't get a fair shake [from management], but the crowd won't give you a fair shake or opportunity. Sometimes, that's how wrestling works," Dykstra said.

Dykstra returned to WWE television in 2016 alongside Mikey as a part of The Miz's feud against Dolph Ziggler, also a former member of The Spirit Squad. Dykstra's comments can be seen in "The List & Ya Boy" video above. “The List & Ya Boy” is hosted by Fightful owner Jimmy Van and Fightful managing editor Sean Ross Sapp and can be seen live on YouTube and on Fightful every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET.

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