Exclusive: Matt Riddle Recalls Meeting Triple H

Matt Riddle says soon no one will be able to ignore his talents.  On his weekly "Brocast" with Sean Ross Sapp, Riddle talked about the potential of going to WWE someday. He has only been wrestling since 2015 but believes he's primed to go to WWE, even though he will require years to get fully ready. 

"I think for my style, what I am doing is perfect. I think my style translates into WWE style very easily. I think I am in the perfect place for what I do and I know what I have to do in the upcoming years and months and days to get to where I wanna get as quick as I wanna get there," said Riddle.  "In a couple years, you're gonna have to be completely blind and deaf to not see and hear me," Riddle added later. 

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Riddle made a cameo at NXT Takeover: San Antonio in the crowd, which brought up the subject of Triple H. Riddle would describe his last interaction with Triple H --- a peculiar one

"Very few words. I talked to (Triple H) probably like a year ago,.It was last year's Royal Rumble, not this year's Rumble. He came up to me at an Evolve event and he goes 'Hey, I appreciate what you're doing here' and I go ' I appreciate what YOU'RE doing here.' Then he looked at me kind of weird and he goes 'I just wanna thank you for everything you've done' and I go 'I just wanna thank you for everything YOU'VE done', and he looked at me weird, shook my hand, and walked away," said Riddle. 

Riddle would also discuss how his martial arts background would translate to New Japan Pro Wrestling, noting his chain wrestling abilities would help him adapt quickly.

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