Exclusive: Mick Foley Thinks Fans Wanted WWE Hardcore Title, Not WWE 24/7 Title

Mick Foley is well aware of the less than thrilling introduction of the WWE 24/7 title.

Tasked with presenting the new championship to the WWE audience earlier this year, Foley did so to an underwhelming reaction from the live crowd. Since then, it's become a popular and well-drawing aspect of WWE programming, but it overcame a lackluster debut, Foley told Fightful. However, he thought it was a good enough idea to where he signed off on coming in for the spot...and allowing his rental car to be used.

"I can feel the oxygen just leave the room when I pulled out that title and it wasn’t the Hardcore title. But, I do have a say in what I do. So, I’ve been asked and I [‘ve said] “Let me hold off on that. I think I have something better I can do down the road.” But I was willing to go to the UK, I think they were in the UK a week or two before they were in Albany, New York. So I was high enough on it to be willing to travel to the UK immediately after leaving, this is when I had just done three shows with the Undertaker in the UK. So, I was high enough on it that I would have been willing to go to the UK. And I did sense, I could understand, “Alright, this is a little bit of bait and switch. We’re getting people excited about one title and giving them the other.” I didn’t understand the volume of disagreement I would receive, you know, in the aftermath. But even on that first night, I was like c’mon! If you’re telling me that you don’t get a kick out of Bobby Roode opening up the door of what turned out to be my rental car.Yeah, I’m on the Emerald Isle. Once in a while I get a nice car. So they asked me if I would stick around so they could use my rental car," said Foley.

Foley is a fan of the concept, and finds it one of the more entertaining parts of the show. Fortunately, his time as GM -- and his lack of having a cell phone to check constantly -- helped toughen him up to any possible backlash his 24/7 title reveal would gain.

"Look, I got a thick a skin after being the GM where people were tagging me in everything they didn’t like about the show. And I’m like, “Alright, hold on a second. Do you think a guy with a history of head injuries wearing sweat pants is really in charge of a billion dollar company?” I was like you can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that (24/7 Title skits). If you do, you’re not lying to me, you’re lying to yourself. And since then I think it’s gone on, I think people are pretty unanimous in finding it an entertaining part of the show," said Foley.

You can see our full conversation with Mick Foley above.

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