EXCLUSIVE: Refrigerator Drama In The Broken Hardy Household, Broken Matt Comments (UPDATED)

So we all know that ever since returning to the WWE fold, Broken Matt Hardy has been, at most, "Dented Matt Hardy" or "Slightly Scuffed Matt Hardy" and possibly "Refurbished Matt Hardy" or "Signs Of Normal Wear And Tear Matt Hardy."

But that's just on TV.

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At home, Broken Matt Hardy stays broke.

And he enjoys the full support of his "WONDERFUL" wife Rebekah.

Except when she feels like their household appliances are out of date. Then she has to crack the whip a little bit. Because when Mama Hardy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

You ever have one of those discussions with your spouse that gets tabled and set aside later, only to have them bring it up at every occasion because they weren't finished talking about it?

This appears to be one of those times for Matt Hardy.

It all started when he posted a simple, helpful aphorism to his multitudes of fans. Then Reby made sure the world knew that she believed their fridge game to be sorely lacking.


Matt then Tweeted:

We reached out to Matt Hardy for comment and he told us: 

"We have a huge fridge in excellent condition, but she just wants a brand new one with the touch screen. I rest my case."

He did allow that "I'll probably get it for her just because she's carrying my second child." That's a good husband right there, folks. Nothing "Broken" about this relationship, that's for sure.

Matt told us that the Hardys' current refrigerator is ten years old, and  we were able to confirm that the people at Impact wrestling "have sent a carrier owl to collect a 'FRIDGE TAX.'"

Simply fiendish, those Owl Men.

Before our correspondence with Matt concluded we were able to confirm that the new touch screened refrigerator had been ordered and delivery was confirmed "within three weeks."

We will keep you updated on the condEESHION of the refrigerAY-SHION SEE-CHOO-AY-SHION at House Hardy.


Reby posted a PREPOSSESSING photo of the two brand new appliances Matt just purchased for their abode:

And true to his word, Matt PROCURED the new refrigerator. 

And with this argument settled, messages of love were exchanged.

We should all ASPIRE to be more like this AMOROUS couple.

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