Exclusive: Ring Of Honor's Bobby Cruise Talks His 16th Anniversary Bump, Ciampa's Attack

Bobby Cruise has long served as Ring of Honor's ring announcer, but at their recent 16th Anniversary PPV he was unfortunately thrust into the spotlight.

During the Dalton Castle vs. Jay Lethal main event, the mild-mannered Cruise walked right into a suicide dive from Lethal. It's rare that Cruise gets physically involved in Ring of Honor action. He was checked on by color commentator Colt Cabana -- but not before Cabana enjoyed a hearty laugh.

"I'm happy so say I fully recovered. I did want to see how bad it was. I didn't remember hitting my head, but I had a headache the next day. I've seen it several times. He did come over and check on me. I have an earpiece so I hear commentary during pay-per-views. The ear piece didn't pop out, but I didn't hear any of what they were saying. When I watched it back, I could hear Colt's shock that I was wiped out. BJ Whitmer was at the Gorilla position and he said 'that looked terrible,'" said Cruise to Fightful.com

This wasn't the first time Cruise was caught in the crossheirs of an ROH talent, whether intentionally or not. One of those involved Tommaso Ciampa's ass-kicking tour years ago.

"He got me in Chicago. He tried to wipe out Kevin Kelly and I just happened to be getting in the ring to announce intermission, and he just came in, got me in the corner, choked me down and hit me with about four or five of the Ciampa knees. So I didn't get to escape that one, either," said Cruise.

You can see Ring of Honor's next showing on pay-per-view this Saturday night at Supercard of Honor. Fightful.com will cover the event live, and will have a post-show podcast Sunday afternoon ahead of WrestleMania.

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