Exclusive: ROH Enforces Stricter Guidelines For Granting Interviews After Talents Were Asked About WWE

Ring of Honor took a major hit by losing Roderick Strong and Moose to free agency last month, As it turns out, the looming expiring contracts also had an effect on Ring of Honor's media relations of late as well.

As reported on this morning's Fightful.com podcast, ROH have been closely monitoring who they grant talent interviews to, after an interview the company scheduled gave them a bit of a sour taste. Earlier this year. Moose was repeatedly grilled on his contract status, what his plans were after the deal expired, and if he was planning on a WWE run during an interview.

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While the situation didn't have a drastic impact on talent interviews, the company has paid closer attention to it. Many talents still schedule interviews on their own, however – something ROH hasn't seemed to be bothered by, but aren't actively encouraged to do. It's worth noting that there hasn't been any outright or punishment imposed for talents scheduling their own interviews by any means, something that happens quite often.

Moose was linked to almost every major North American company throughout 2016, with the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reporting that TNA Wrestling had offered him $100,000 before signing. The outlet also reported that WWE had pumped their brakes on signing Moose due to an arrest for simple battery in 2009.

ROH returns to pay-per-view next month for Death Before Dishonor, but we're told the company was already selective of outlets they granted interviews to as early as May of this year.