Exclusive: Ronda Rousey Relaunching Website With Major Access To Her; Adds Youtube Channel

Ronda Rousey is getting into the media game, unlike any other WWE wrestler has. 

Fightful.com found that Rousey is to announce the launch of her website, RondaRousey.com this week, complete will a lot of exclusive access to the former UFC Champion-turned WWE Champion. 

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One of the more interesting features on the yet-to-be-announced site relaunch include an interview with Rousey, where she opens up on the positives and negatives of jumping from the UFC to WWE. You can see an excerpt from an extremely in-depth interview below, which appears to be a weekly series titled "Ronda Talks."

I mean, finding that has been a battle my whole life. And I think I went way overboard in the beginning when it was only about the results and not about the process at all. I love doing Judo but in general, I didn’t like training and I didn’t like the environment and those kinds of things. And I tried to actually make the environment and the process as enjoyable as possible, but of course, that was in the beginning when I actually had those luxuries. Eventually, it just became more and more of juggling on the unicycle and making everybody else happy while my happiness started to fall farther and farther down on my list of priorities and my enjoying every day started to fall farther and farther down on my list of priorities.

The only thing that became important was the result. I kept telling myself, “I’ll just do well and I’ll just win and then I’ll be able to look at it and be happy afterwards.” When it became solely about delayed gratification the joy of it left for me. So when I came into WWE, from day one I really just wanted to make having a good time a priority. I don’t need the money. I could be making more money doing something else that’s more boring. But I just made a promise to myself that I am here for my own enjoyment… And then I win a title. Then I’m like, “dang all of this is getting pretty big and pretty heavy and a much bigger responsibility than just my own enjoyment.”

But I feel like I’m finally, in my third decade, beginning to find that balance. It’s not just all about bartending and drinking every day and trying to enjoy every second as much as you can. It’s not about banging your head on the wall and being miserable so that you can get a result later that’ll make you happy for 15 minutes. It’s about finding that marriage in between of working just hard enough where you’re still enjoying yourself. I think with WWE it’s a lot easier to not fall into that trap of just working because it’s like survival mode. In MMA, the worst that could happen is pretty fucking terrible, so you’re trying to survive and it’s hard to remind yourself that you’re there to have fun when you’re trying not to get killed.

And with WWE, it’s like living in the circus. It’s like I show up to a carnival every day. How can you not have fun? So there’s no way I would have been able to do this in a reverse order. I think it’s much harder to develop work ethic when you’re focused only on enjoying yourself in the beginning, but then again I don’t know. Maybe it’s just different for everybody. My process was just different and I had to go from working really, really hard and just focusing on winning the Olympics and thinking that when I win the Olympics everything’s going to be okay and there’s going to be this magic recipe that makes me happy for the rest of my life, to realizing that there is no magic recipe to make you happy the rest of your life. Yes, working towards accomplishments is great and yes, enjoying every day is great but you need to find that balance in your life. And balance is still something that I’m trying to figure out.

Also on the site will be videos that chronicle her journey to WWE events. The videos and channel are actually already public, and can be seen below. 

Rousey is also launching a new line of gear, which can be found here. There's a "dojo" section, where Rousey does instructionals on Judo, utilizing her experience as an Olympic medalist. By the looks of it, Rousey's site will also cover news, results and the like pertinent to her and other Four Horsewomen members

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