Exclusive: Shane Helms Said He Returned His Pay To Cody For 'All In' As A 'Thank You'

Shane Helms is back with WWE in 2019, but his 2018 was full of highlights all around the world.

Over the course of about 14 months, Helms would work for WWE, Impact Wrestling, Ring Of Honor, and the pilot for All Elite Wrestling with All In. However for the latter, Helms had actually been booked to host a watch party of All In that same night. 

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How did it all unfold, and how did Helms get booked? "The Hurricane" broke it down to Fightful in a recent interview. 

"It was Starrcast with All In, so I was booked for that as a part of Keepin' It 100. Then they booked me for a live viewing party. Conrad loves when I host things and talk crazy and that stuff. Being if Ring of Honor with Cody, I said I'd be there if they needed me for anything. I said 'I'm not looking for a payday, I like what you all are doing, I'll contribute in any way I can.' Cody was worried about insulting me by offering me something he thought was beneath me. I was like 'Bro. No. Whatever you need, I'll do.' He paid me and I sent it back. I told him I was going to do that. It was my gift to them for doing what they were doing. It shined such a positive light on the business. It shows you what's possible when you do things the right way," said Helms.

Perhaps a bigger question than either of those posed was 'how did he make it on time?' According to Helms, it wasn't easy. He had to film the podcast he was booked for, make the pre-show "Over Budget Battle Royal," and then head back to host the show he'd been set for.

"We had to do the podcast, and the clock's ticking. People don't know, and I have to get there. I thought the building was next door. I didn't know it was 15-20 miles down the road. I got there, got dressed, and what a great spot that was chokeslamming those guys. That little celebration was an ode to the Ultimate Warrior when he beat Honky Tonk Man. I'd just seen it on Instagram and it was in my head. The crowd bit so hard -- maybe because I didn't get it in the Royal Rumble. I actually punched myself in the face. I was trying to beat myself in the chest and hit myself in the face. Dave Herro is in the back waiting for me in the car, I get in my clothes. The party has already started, but the people are there and they popped, because they knew why I wasn't there. I was late to my own party!" Helms remembered.

You can hear our full interview with Shane Helms above, and check out our archive of evergreen podcasts with him at this link. Also, make sure you tune in to the reborn Highway 2 Helms Podcast!

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