Fightful Wrestling Weekly 12/22: Young Bucks, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, More

Young Bucks ROH And Triple H

Matt Jackson stated that he and Nick probably would have never left ROH if they gave them the right offer. The number they were offered was so below what they expected that they realized they'd have to shop themselves, and they didn't seem to think they'd be doing that. They're still not sure why ROH and NJPW didn't get together and make a deal for everyone who left, but think that if they would have actually known about AEW, the offer would have been higher

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The Bucks told me that they ended up passing on four or five different offers from Triple H before landing on going with All Elite Wrestling. Matt remembered constantly thinking that the contract talks were over, and they'd end up scheduling another meeting for a couple of weeks. There was a time when they and Kenny Omega thought they were going to end up in WWE. The Young Bucks put over Triple H heavily for being charming and really good at his job.

We spoke about their book, as well. Nick admitted that Matt often has the better memory of the two and is more detail oriented. Matt and Nick told me that they could see themselves writing another book or even two books, but it would probably have to be after they were done with their careers. They specifically didn't want to write about ROH or NJPW or places like that while they were still there.

LSG Contract

We spoke to LSG a few months ago and told us he wasn't really sure if he'd be working Ring of Honor shows anymore, as his contract had lapsed and he'd not signed a new one. He was at the most recent set of ROH tapings and is set for a match at Final Battle, but tells us he still isn't technically signed to the company. ROH PR has scheduled him for several interviews, giving him a bigger media push.

Heavy Machinery/Liv Morgan Documentary

You may have seen in the Liv Morgan documentary that premiered on the WWE Network that they confirmed a Fightful Select news bit from 14 months ago. Heavy Machinery was sent to the ring in basketball shorts and tank tops to wrestle because WWE pulled Liv Morgan and Ember Moon at the last minute. Fightful was told in the following days and reiterated this week that there was a lot of "checking on" Otis and Tucker following the match as WWE doesn't like their wrestlers to perform without warming up, and there have been instances in recent years where it's led to injury, so it was a concern in the days following the abrupt spot. Otis and Tucker worked a quick match and gained some favor in the locker room for doing it.


After weeks of teases of AJ Styles on IMPACT Wrestling, the company – and more specifically Karl Anderson – debuted Hornswoggle as the Weenomenal One. AJ Styles was said to have not known that this was coming, but based on those we spoke to seemed to think it was great. We've not heard of any issues of Swoggle using the old TNA theme – which they still have the rights to – or the gear and likeness. The spot was a big hit among the IMPACT and WWE locker rooms according to those we heard from.


More changes could be in the cards for Ring of Honor. We'd mentioned in recent weeks that the company was planning a revamp of their company and content, which has been displayed by some of the production upgrades. However, we're told that there could be a change to some of the divisions in Ring of Honor. One pitched idea that seems to have gained traction is that before matches, there will be a determination if they're going towards Pure, Television or the World title. One of the main differentials will be the Pure rule set, as well as a time limit placed if a wrestler is competing in the Television title division. There is no time limit set for world title division matches.

The differentiating factor in these situations will be that pure matches have a different set of rules, TV title matches psychologically would be paced different because of the time limit, and the world title division matches would be more standard. From what we understand there would be rankings implemented accordingly for each division.

Virtual Basement Motion Capture

If you've wanted an update on the Virtual Basement Wrestling Code video game, we have you covered. They're planning on doing some motion capture for the game soon – something we actually spoke with them about – but we were able to find out that ROH's LSG will be helping do that for them. He doesn't expect and official Ring of Honor integration into the game, and he and PJ Black helped recruit names to appear in it at the urging of Virtual Basement.

IMPACT Contracts

We've confirmed with several within IMPACT that there are multiple contracts that are actually up earlier than expected publicly. In early 2019, several re-signings were announced months after the contracts were actually signed and took effect. So some of the deals that look like they have a few more months on them will actually be up on January 1. This is important because IMPACT will have tapings in January and likely March, which is the difference in having these performers for 4 months worth of shows in 2021 and none.

Dakota Kai Update

Last week on NXT it was noted that Dakota Kai is out battling an injury. We're told that she's not injured, and instead WWE is working to clear up her visa.They expect to have her back soon, and she's expected to continuer her UpUpDownDown duties.

The New Mountie!?

We spoke with Kevin Owens today about a variety of topics, including the fabled New Mountie. Owens told us that he cleared the story up with Nick Dinsmore, who claimed that he ribbed Owens by telling him he was set to be the New Mountie after finding out Owens wasn't on great terms with the original one, who had trained him. Owens reiterated that he in fact, did not cry regardless of if the story is true or not.

Kevin Owens

Owens spoke of Roman Reigns being better than ever, and admitted that Reigns, Paul Heyman and Jey Uso are pushing each other creatively, and he hopes to continue that for quite a while.

He's been in ladder matches every year since 2015, and says though he has a lot of experience in them, he doesn't really consider offense until the days and weeks leading into the match. We also discussed the Steenalizer, with him admitting he'd never take it and retired it because it was too dangerous. He personally asked Steve Austin for permission to use the Stunner, but it wasn't the right time for a few years.

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