Fightful Wrestling Weekly 9/13: Foley, RVD, RJ City, Riddle, Goldberg, ROH, More

Alexa Bliss

We spoke to Alexa Bliss ahead of her big title defense alongside Nikki Cross at WWE Clash of Champions. She admitted that working in a tag team has been an adjustment because of their differing styles, and they're still working on their chemistry. She put over her friendship with Nikki, and said that their on-screen characters aren't judging each other's past.

Alexa Bliss Warns The Women's Division, Sheamus Reinstates The US Open Challenge | RAW Fight Size

Bliss sustained a tough concussion last year, and wasn't sure if she'd be able to continue her in-ring career. She says she would have liked to take over the WWE Raw GM role, because she likes bossing people around, but didn't really have a plan in order in the event that she couldn't wrestle. A Moment Of Bliss was something that she identified as a possibility to continue if she couldn't wrestle. She bought and decorated a house during her time off, which she said helped refresh her and re-inspired her when she came back.

I last spoke to Alexa in Columbus at an NXT show over three years ago. She said that NXT helped her develop from not knowing anything about speaking or wrestling, and said Triple H seeing something in her helped get her where she is.

Matt Riddle and Goldberg

One source close to the situation told us that Matt Riddle and Goldberg did have a conversation that followed Summerslam, and that the two decided to "agree to disagree." Another source on the production end of things said that WWE knows what its doing with Riddle and Goldberg, and the initial conversation was filmed "just in case," and that WWE didn't exactly put Riddle on the Watch Along by accident.

The same source in production said that they, and several others were stunned at how much more Matt Riddle "got it" as pertains to building a potential marquee match than Goldberg, who was said to have had a chip on his shoulder and taking things way too seriously.

Mick Foley

I spoke to Mick Foley for an interview that dropped last week, and he seemed pleased, even outright happy that Bray Wyatt's "Fiend character" was using the Mandible Claw that he made famous decades ago. He told us that he likes anything being adopted, from a characteristic, to a way of sitting, any semblance of something that he did during his run. He told us that it makes him feel like he is still pertinent.

There are some exceptions, though. Foley said he remembers thinking Wade Barrett doing the Cactus Jack Elbow was a bad idea physically, but when he also did the "bang bang," he thought that didn't individualize the move enough from his.

He remembered The Undertaker taking the Mandible Claw as something that really made it difficult for other people to say no to taking the move, but he felt a lot safer doing the Claw than the elbow drop, especially at house shows.

We talked about the introduction of the 24/7 Title, which he feels like was a bait and switch, with the fans actually wanting the Hardcore Title. He liked the concept and said he'd turned down appearances in the past, but liked that enough do it -- before the "air went out of the room." Despite that, he's enjoyed the content and even allowed his rental car to be used in some of the segments.

Mick Foley does not have a phone, in case you were wondering. He also doesn't seem to be interested in doing a podcast, and thinks it might seem like a money grab. He's had a lot of opportunities to do a podcast in the past. Being the GM of Raw helped toughen up his skin to social media reaction, as he got a lot of people thought he was actually making the decisions running the show.

Vince McMahon hates sweat pants, and Mick Foley wasn't held to the original dress code that was enacted. In 2007, that changed, and now Mick just shows up at the venue and hopes that nobody ends up saying anything about it.

Rob Van Dam

RVD reiterated to me that the decision to sign with IMPACT Wrestling was strictly business, and implied that he's making good money since IMPACT can "afford him." He also let me know that even though he was only originally scheduled to be with IMPACT through Bound For Glory, his deal has been extended into January. He is adamant that the money is the reason that he's back, but seemed happy with his situation.

We also spoke about his documentary and speaking out on mental health issues and concussions. Rob Van Dam was very frank about his battles with concussions, and trying to tough them out and work through them even though he wasn't okay.


- After a tweet I posted about Lisa the security guard, we were told she's no longer with the company.

- There are already people at AXS upset and fearing for their jobs after the merger with Anthem and layoffs.

- Some are saying the Steve Austin show-closing segment was originally just supposed to be a dark segment, but got moved up to end Raw towards the end of the show.

- For what it's worth, IIconics are listed as Raw Superstars, and Bayley is listed as a "Smackdown heel."

Kylie Rae

For full transparency on the Kylie Rae- All Elite Wrestling release situation, we're still working to find out more. We've been contacted with a huge variety of stories by people within the wrestling business, and almost none of them are the same, therefore not solid enough to report. Fightful had reached out to AEW PR and Brandi Rhodes on the story weeks ago.

RJ City

Our interview with RJ City dropped this week, and was one of the more entertaining we've ever done at Fightful. He's a successful TV personality, who is one of the more colorful personalities in wrestling, but said that none of the contract offers he's received have been attractive to him. He went on to say that companies probably shouldn't hire him, and broke down everyone saying that they "have television" in wrestling, and what that means. He also spoke of David Arquette, Mick Foley, and others, but the interview largely wasn't even about pro wrestling.

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