Fred Rosser Talks Reuniting Nexus For King Of Trios, Nixed WWE Plans

Nexus had a nixed WWE reunion of sorts in 2020, but they've had some here and there on the independent circuit.

WWE reached out about setting up a Nexus special earlier this year. Fred Rosser, the former Darren Young, was a founding member of the group and admitted he was bummed out to learn about it. 

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"Earlier this year NEXUS were supposed to come back, apparently. I was called in January of this year about coming back for WrestleMania Axxess and some Network stuff. Then, I got another call in February or March saying that, “We were canceling Axxess, canceling all that stuff. If any opportunities open up, we’ll definitely give you call.” So, recently I was on their show, the Bump. Which was really cool. They took care of me on that. Like I said, I’m not on the banned list. I’m still loved and adored by the production team and WWE. Nothing lasts forever, but, again, I gotta keep it moving. I’m very happy to toot my own horn, because I’ve been holding this debut in for some time now that I was getting jealous of my friends like Heath [Slater]. There’s a lot of guys doing great things. The Good Brothers. I’m like, “Man, these guys are all doing great things. I can’t wait for my announcement (of joining New Japan).” Now, I can toot my own horn," Rosser told Fightful in an exclusive interview.

Outside of that, Rosser appeared at the 2018 Chikara King of Trios. The tournament has regularly reunited teams like the Blue World Order, LAX, and brought in acts such as Demolition, One Man Gang, 1-2-3 Kid, Aldo Montoya, Tatanka. Rosser told us that the experience was a bit of an intimidating one. 

"Nexus Alliance was a lot of fun. I’ve always been cool with [Michael] Tarver and PJ [Black], but I was intimidated because I didn’t think that I could hang with these guys. These CHIKARA guys are flying and so innovative. I was always trained 80s style. So, again, being thrusted upon that, we all delivered and I could actually keep up with those guys, know what I mean?," Rosser said.

Even though Rosser had that unique opportunity to reform and film content with the group that helped make him famous, he's not upset that it didn't happen, and isn't waiting around.

"I’d love to get signed by New Japan," Rosser said. "I’m not signed with them. But, if I can get signed with New Japan, that’s great. If WWE calls me back… I was just talking with Chavo [Guerrero, Jr.] earlier, I’m not one of those grizzled vets that are gonna talk bad about the company. I’ve had great experiences with WWE. The only time I would get upset is like years ago, they took me and Lana off an Abu Dhabi show. I was booty hurt on Twitter. So, that’s the kind of stuff that I’ll get upset over."

You can see our full interview with the former Darren Young at the top of the page. He can also be seen every Friday night on NJPW Strong.

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