Gringo Loco Discusses Working With Vikingo, Being His First US Streaming Opponent

El Hijo del Vikingo gained notoriety in Mexico as one of the top luchadors before he obtained his visa and made his way to the United States in late 2022. Though Vikingo would compete at GCW, DEFY, and PWG events, his matches were not part of the live stream.

That changed at GCW Don't Talk To Me on January 20 when Vikingo had his first US streaming match against Gringo Loco, a standout independent lucha wrestler known as the "Base God."

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Speaking to Jeremy Lambert and Stephen Jensen on The Spotlight, Gringo reflected on being Vikingo's first US streaming opponent.

"I thought it was so ironic that the stars aligned, 'dark match, dark match, dark match,' and it aligned with me in front of him in the middle of the ring in Charlotte for GCW. It wasn't surprising to me, I felt like that was what was going to happen somehow, and it did. There was definitely pressure there, but him and I have been trying to work together for three and a half years, probably pre-pandemic, and something has always come up, whether it's his injury, COVID positive, travel issues, there have been a lot of times where him and I were supposed to work wherever in the world and it just never happened. That was the first one-on-one, first streamable match that we ever had. I think it went really well," he said.

Vikingo was victorious in the bout, but Gringo Loco saw his stock rise after the match.

"I felt the change and the swift on social media, the numbers started going up a little bit and every time I'm at the merch table, they bring up that match and how crazy it was. He's doing step up 630s, which we now know that he did the same thing with Kenny Omega. He's doing these things on a regular weekly basis, which is insane to me, and he's coming out and doing them flawlessly. It just goes to show how much talent he has," said Gringo.

Though they have not competed in another singles bout, Gringo and Vikingo have been part of two triple threat matches, including a match at Warrior Wrestling 29 that saw Gringo defeat Vikingo and Arez to win the Warrior Wrestling Lucha Title.

Vikingo and Gringo will compete at Gringo Loco's The WRLD On Lucha 2 on April 1. The event will air on FITE TV.

Fans can check out the full interview with Gringo in the video above.

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