Hornswoggle Was Planned For Nixed WWE Saudi Arabia Match

Another story from Saudi Arabia has emerged.

This one doesn't involve anything controversial or scandalous, instead, it's a look at a match that almost happened. When Fightful spoke to Mike Bennett, he gave us news about a planned Hornswoggle match that didnt' take place. Fightful Select reported the following:

Mixed Tag Match Set For 6/25 WWE SmackDown

If you wanted some WWE-Saudi Arabia scoops well over a year after their most recent show there, you're in luck. Fightful has heard of some plans for a past Saudi Arabia show that were supposed to happen and didn't. We've heard the rumors of the General Sports Authority wanting wrestlers who had long since passed to appear, and talent had heard that too. However, there were plans for WWE to run a match with Hornswoggle on one of the shows. It got so far that Robbie "The Giant' Araujo was actually flown over to Saudi Arabia and not used, according to talent. Araujo appeared on Micro Championship Wrestling and appeared on WWE TV in the past as "JB-Elf."

The event wasn't specified, but Mike Bennett and Hornswoggle did end up working the Greatest Royal Rumble together in April 2018!

You can see our full interview with Mike Bennett below.

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