Indi Hartwell Says She Found Out She Was In 'The Way' By Watching NXT On TV

The Way is a family that Indi Hartwell will hold in her heart forever.

Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae, who are about to become parents in the real world, got their parental voices and mannerisms down while performing for the NXT audience and leading Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae in "The Way."

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Spawning from Candice joining Johnny in the fight against Tommaso Ciampa, they soon "adopted" Austin Theory and Indi Hartwell and began showing them The Way.

Reflecting on this faction, Indi Hartwell tells Sean Ross Sapp in an exclusive interview that she wasn't aware she was being paired with Mr. and Mrs. Wrestling, she even unknowingly purchased them a new TV in storyline.

"I don't really remember. [At] one of our last shows at Full Sail, we had a battle royal and I had to save Candice a few times. I got told then I was going to be put with Candice, but I didn't know really what it was leading to and I didn't know it was going to be a group. We did the bit where I bought them a TV and I didn't even know that was happening until I was watching the show. I didn't really get told. It kind of just came out of nowhere. I'm so glad that it did. Obviously, a lot of people thought it was a random thrown-together group, but as the months went on, people started understanding and we became your average family on TV."

She continued, "I wish that Candice and I could have tagged together for longer, but obviously, Johnny and Candice starting a family is one of the best things that could ever happen because I'm getting a little sibling. I wasn't too worried because of the InDex storyline. We were all doing our own things, Austin getting called up to Raw, Candice getting pregnant, I had the stuff with Dexter and Johnny is always doing something. I wasn't too worried but it was kind of bittersweet to see everyone kind of split off."

Despite the bittersweet ending, Indi says she is grateful for the experience and was shocked by the amount of freedom the foursome had, crediting it to the likability and trust Johnny Gargano built through the years.

"We actually had a lot of input and I think that is thanks to Johnny because he is so well-liked and very very trusted backstage with all the writers and producers. The first skit I filmed with The Way was the Christmas special and that was my first time doing a skit with Johnny and Candice and I was very surprised to see that there was no script and we basically just sat there by the Christmas tree and were like, 'I'll say this, you say this.' There was an outline, but there was never a script. Each time we did these skits, they were just so fun. I'm really gonna miss doing those skits with The Way. It gave me an opportunity to show my personality, same with Austin, and same with Dexter. Even though maybe you don't think Dexter has a personality, those eyes say a lot."

Dexter's eyes typically do all the talking, but on September 14, Dexter said "I do." Learn about the real-life stress Indi felt leading up to the TV wedding at this link.

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