Jack Moody: Starting Wrestling At 32 Motivated Me To Accelerate My Development As Much As Possible

Jack Moody talks entering the wrestling industry at age 32.

Jack Moody is an Irish westler based out of the United Kingdom and has also been based out of the United States in his short time in the ring so far. Moody began his training for professional wrestling at the age of 32 years old with Fight Factory before also being trained by Tyler Breeze and Shawn Spears in the US.

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While speaking to Fightful's Corey Brennan about his late entrance into wrestling, Moody stated that

"It's only kind of come up now more recently when people ask, 'oh, by the way, what age are you' and they're often surprised. So when i started that wasn't an issue. It was more of an issue in my head in the sense that I'm 32, how is my body going to react to bumping regularly and i'm probably going to be more injury prone at this age. So the doubts were mainly in my own head in terms of, 'how far can i go?' What are the physical limitations based on my age? But I guess I'm lucky in that I've kind of kept myself in relatively good shape and like flexibility wise, mobility wise. So I've probably managed to keep the hands of time back a bit. It's kind of given me a window now to go as further than I anticipated. I guess the one benefit of starting late is there's a sense of urgency around it based on the fact that I'm not 18. I don't have two decades to pursue this. Now, I could be like Sting and having my last match at 54 and coming down from the rafters somewhere in 20 years time. But the age thing has probably motivated me to just accelerate my development as much as possible and treat it like an academic study as if I was going back to college to do a master's. What are the steps necessary to accelerate my learning? Where do I need to take myself to absorb as much info as possible and to interact with different styles and different wrestlers and different promotions? So, yeah, the age has actually kind of worked in my favor, I guess, because it has propelled me, given me a kind of flame to kind of just go for it, like with an intensity that I probably wouldn't have at 18. There have been injuries along the way, for sure, and they are probably age-related, but it hasn't really kept me from exceeding my own expectations in a two-year window."

In addition to training with Fight Factory and Flatbacks Wrestling School, Moody has been recently training with Revolution Pro's Academy.

To watch the full Fightful interview with Jack Moody, you can find it above.

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