Jake Something Recalls Past Ring Names Such As 'Jacob Hallows', 'Jake Holmes', & 'Jake Shooter'

Jake Something talks his various name changes.

Fans will often poke fun at Jake Something for his ring name, as they will make various jokes and puns about it. At times, Something will embrace and play up on the jokes, which seemingly helps him grow his character even more.

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While speaking with Fightful for a new interview, Something talked about his name "crisis" that he faces.

"Oh, yeah. I hate it. It’s my least favorite thing. Well, if someone is genuinely asking, that makes sense because it’s a weird name. Yeah, yeah. You either love it or hate it. Whatever. I don’t really care, you know? But I make a post and let’s say there’s twenty comments. Eighteen of the comments are the exact same not funny joke. Like a hive mind. I can only imagine what it would have been like for the Rock in 1997 if he was on Twitter. Every single time he would type anything, ‘It doesn’t matter.’ Yeah. You forget how simple people can be until they show you how simple they can be. Let’s hear ‘em. There’s gonna be a lot you don’t even know about."

Fightful then began listing off some of Something's past names.

Jake Deaner / Cousin Jake

Jacob Hollows
“That was one that stuck way longer than it should have. I think somebody just threw me that name. I was in a tag team called the Pain Killers for like four or five years, which was awesome. Me and the guy that I went to get trained with to wrestle, named Brandon, we were in a tag team. Neither of us really knew what we wanted our names to be. So kinda just whatever. Those were the ones that stuck. But every show that I went to, besides when I was a Pain Killer, I just had a random name. It usually was Jake related.”

Jake Holmes / Jake Wayne Holmes
“That’s one I made up, yeah. So I made it where that was my ‘real’ fake name, was Jake Holmes. But I would wrestle under Jake Something. So even when I did that TNA show back in the day against Lashley, I was also like, ‘Okay, this is my first time getting to be on TV. Bobby Lashley is gonna kill me. I don’t want to be Jake Something if I’m trying to establish this.’ So Jake Holmes can get killed, no problem.”

Jake Shooter
“I think that was my first name, I think. I got done training at Ring of Honor in Pennsylvania, April of 2009. It was like the end of April. So I packed my bags in my car, drove to Michigan and it was like, maybe that happened on a Thursday, and then when I got to Michigan, got everything around and I want to say my first match was Saturday and Sunday. ‘Cause it was like a Cinco de Mayo weekend or something. So I did a Cinco de Mayo and a little small show in Saginaw. I didn’t have any gear, so I just had these longer tights I bought at Dunham’s or something and a pair of shooter style wrestling shoes, and like volleyball knee pads. Somebody was like, ‘Oh, you look like a shooter,’ because I was wearing real wrestling shoes. So they called me Jake Shooter.”

Dirty Berserk
“Yeah, that’s… So, that’s just incorrect. I, a long time ago—that was not a name. Is this on Cagematch or something? I think it also says I weigh 238 pounds which pisses me off, because I’ve weighed over that for so long. Right now, if I jumped on the scale, it would probably be like 251 or something like that. The heaviest I’ve gotten—I looked a lot different—I weighed 269. But, yeah, I usually float between 245 and 255. That’s generally the ballpark I land in. Especially, it depends on, if I stay real tight to my diet and what not. But yeah, I had a bio on Twitter or Instagram that I wrote ‘Dirty.’—because I was in a faction called the Dirty—and I put Berserk in my bio also because I love Berserk. It’s an anime. That was it. So somebody just assumed that was a name I guess.”

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Furthermore, fans can see Fightful's full interview with Jake Something in the video linked at the top of this article.

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