Jason Kincaid Explains Why He Traded His Braids For Head Tattoo, DID IT HURT?!

Jason Kincaid is no stranger to Fightful, but we've never actually interviewed him.

One of the great storytellers in wrestling, Kincaid has extended that into written word, and is a longtime contributor to Fightful. Finally, after years of working together, Kincaid spoke to Fightful cameras, and as humble as he may be, he shared the joys of working for DDT.

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"It’s been really cool," said Kincaid, as convention attendees whizzed by us. "To me, Japan was always my biggest dream. So, to finally accomplish that meant a lot to me. Hopefully I can get some more Fightful stories out of it. Just any expression of art, really, is what I’m all about."

That artistic expression also branches out into unique vignettes. While most are hidden now, Kincaid has dozens of self-made videos to his credit in front of amazing landscapes. It made the thumbnail selection process for his articles all the more easy.

"I live about fifteen minutes away from the New River Gorge in West Virginia. So, beautiful landscape all over. But, it’s like a combination of it being close and easy, but also seeking out the coolest, weirdest places I can find," Kincaid told us.

Over the past few years, Kincaid has went from wrestling on television for Ring of Honor, to being a WWN/EVOLVE regular, to working DDT tours. In 2019, he found himself making repeated trips to Canada to work a variety of promotions. Whether it's on or off TV, Kincaid is ready for anything

"I don’t know which prepared me for which," Kincaid admitted. "Really, what’s very cool to me to me is wrestling in these weird, small venues all across the world, basically. People always ask me what’s my goal in pro wrestling? Really just doing what I’m already doing for more money. So, the way that the way the Ring of Honors and EVOLVEs helped me there is it drives my pay offs up."

One of Kincaid's signatures for years were the braids that set his look apart from everyone else. However, Kincaid traded those in for a shaved head, and a tattoo, which were both covered up by a fuzzy hat with ears as we spoke. 

He wasn't to shy to show off the art work, of the story behind it.

"It came after. But, the haircut came with the tattoo in mind. Just wanted to completely change everything up and do something a little bit different. Definitely. A lot of times I was sick of getting judged for my hair and so there was that. I was starting to lose my hair naturally a little bit. So, that had a little bit to do with it. Also, I wanted to express my body as art as well. This is one of my favorite artists—Alex Grey. It has personal meaning to me. So, yeah, a big different confluence of things. One thing I didn’t expect—every day for the rest of my life, I will have to answer the question: Did it hurt? Yeah, it hurt," Kincaid said.

You can see an archive of all of Jason Kincaid's articles for Fightful at this link. 

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